G-Star Raw now has a sexy new range of ladies slim fit jeans

The other day I was invited to pop into a little Global Women’s Day celebration at G-Star Raw in the V&A to check out their new ladies denim collection. (For those who aren’t familiar with the brand, G-Star Raw is kind of like the Dutch Diesel in that they specialise in super sexy denim.)

G Star
G-Star Raw in the V&A

Liv Tyler used to be one of the brand’s ‘faces’. Now they’re using French actress Clemence Poesy.

Don’t you think she looks a bit like Claire Danes in this shot? I wonder if she gets that a lot.

After grabbing a glass of Mumm’s champagne (it seems to be everywhere right now) and nibbling on sushi served by hot semi-naked boys…


…I got down to the business of checking out G-Star Raw’s new line of ladies slim fit jeans that, according to the press release, are made from ‘3D constructed denim’. This means they’re ‘tailored to the inch to fit the female body perfectly at every angle’. I’m not quite sure what this means exactly but hey, the proof is in the pudding so I wasted no time in slipping on a pair of skinnies. These guys to be exact:

G-Star Raw Arc 3D Super Skinny miles super stretch in dark arged. No: 60488.4413.89.

At R2 200, they’re not exactly competing with Mr P but man are they comfy. I liked that they stretched in such a way that they were super-tight but were nice and soft so they didn’t cut in and create a horrid muffin top. They even felt like they were giving me a bit of a butt lift. That’s when I started doing the math… if I wore them twice a week it would work out to R21 per wear over the course of a year. Hmmm…

If you’re looking for a super sexy pair of denims, perhaps pop into G-Star Raw. They’re in the same passage as Forever New and Country Road in the V&A.

Love, love


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