NIVEA’s Daily Essentials lines has gotten a makeover; I quite like their facial wash gel for oily skin

NIVEA’s revamped their Daily Essentials facial skin care range and divivied it up into three lines; Ocean Algae for combination and oily skin, Vitamin E for normal and combination skin and Almond Oil for dry and sensitive skin. The new packaging’s a lot more mod-looking (God, how much do you hate that word? ‘Mod’!) and the new formulas make use of NIVEA’s new Hydra IQ technology* wherever possible.

I was given all three facial washes to play with but most liked their Shine Control facial wash gel for oily skin best.

Nice new packaging, ne?
Nice new packaging, ne?

It contains teensy little exfoliating particles but they’re so few and far in between you don’t really notice them. However, I liked that it made a bit of a lather (more so than the ‘normal’ one) and left my face feeling not quite squeaky clean but close. It also managed to remove my eye make-up.

Another plus? A little goes a long way and at R56,99 a pop, you’re looking at a very nice wallet-friendly face wash.

Love, love


*In essence, this involves creating more ‘water pathways’ within your skin to ensure maximum hydration.

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