Escapism; Revlon’s hot new summer 2012 collection

Good Lord, what’s going on with Revlon? Their stuff’s just getting better and better. As you might know from a previous post I fell head over heels in love with their Just Bitten Kissable balm stains and now they’ve launched a fabulous new summer collection (of on trend yet very wearable shades) that offers a little something for everyone; Escapism by Gucci Westman (an American make-up artist to the stars).

How much do you love Olivia Wilde? I have suuuch a girl crush on this chick.

The star of the Escapism collection is definitely this beautifully embossed Photoready Bronzer:

So pretty and available in several shades to suit your skin type.

Then there’s this li’l guy:

Revlon CustomEyes eye shadow palette in Beach Beauty

At first glance I saw it featured a pale birds egg blue shade and inwardly groaned. Really? More summer blues that totally don’t flatter my already blue oogies? Then, upon further examination, I realised that aside from the blou, it also featured a smoky eye trio plus a sexy shimmery hot chocolate. Quality-wise, the shades are nicely pigmented, glide onto your lids and really do stay the day, especially so with a smidge of primer.

Another highlight? Three Photoready cream blushes to choose from; a pale yet very flattering-looking peach (Pinched, pictured in the promo shot above), a hot pop of coral (Coral Reef) and a bright fuchsia pink (Flushed), the latter of which I was given to play with:

It blends like a dream and is nice and buildable so you can opt for a fresh, lit from within type of glow or go a nice deep flush.

The collection also includes four ColourBurst lipglosses and four nail polishes. Because I’m a spoiled cow, I got all the glosses…

From left to right; Sizzle, Crystal Water, Bellini and Sunbaked.

…and two of the polishes*:

Gold Coast and le very zexy Bikini Red

Of the two nail colours I tried, I’m now hooked on Red Bikini which, as you can see, is actually more of a sexy, spicy coral. When I get a mo, I’ll update this post with a pic of the colour on my nails. It’s tres pretty; the kind of shade that flatters both very pale and very dark complexions alike.

Lipgloss-wise, Revlon’s formula has come a long way since it’s Super Lustrous days but is still not as sticky as I’d like. (I tend to prefer super sticky MAC-type formulas as they last longer on your lips.) Still, I’m getting a lot of use out of Crystal Water. It’s the perfect sheer sparkle to apply over any lip colour to create the illusion of a fuller-looking pout. Always a good thing. Sizzle is also pretty gorgeous and Sunbaked is a great nude for someone who wants one but gets washed out by more insipid-looking fleshtones.

Oh! And last but not least, take a look at their highlighting Stick:

I took this shot with flash otherwise you wouldn’t see it so well. It’s a very pale gold that blends in well with my uber white skin.

It feels like the creamiest, dreamiest, silkiest eye pencil you’ve ever used in your life, almost like a cream shadow in a stick, and can be used to highlight the inner corner of your eyes, the rims, just beneath your eye brows, the top of your Cupid’s bow, whatever. Super versatile! I just wish it came in more shades because while I can pull off gold with a tan, I tend to use more pale shimmery ‘sea shell pink’ shades to highlight. So ja, here’s holding thumbs they create more shades in future; this is a serious little gem.

Want to play with the Escapism collection yourself? It’s in store right now but, as many of the items are limited editions, they’re going to disappear fast.

Love, love


*The other two polish shades are a Smurfy blue-colour called Surf and Sheer Seafoam, a teal. To check them out along with the rest of the collection, pop on over to Revlon’s US site over here.

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