St Yves Beach Club officially opens in Camps Bay with a Beach Cult fashion show

Last week St Yves Beach Club in Camps Bay finally opened its doors for the summer. To celebrate, they held a super luxurious partytjie that I attended with an old friend Jax.

Love my faux Chanel jacket? It's Mr P, darlings. Yes, really!
Love my faux Chanel jacket? It’s Mr P, darlings. Yes, really!

We were both impressed by how fab the place looked; minimalistic and spacious with a killer view of the Atlantic.

I nicked this piccie off their site as it was too dark and full to take proper interior shots when I got there.

After a quick SKYY vodka shot that ran through their monogrammed ice sculpture…

Yip, it was one of those parties…

…we got stuck into delish canapes like pizza and chicken skewers served by mooi-looking waitresses who also doled out a river of Pongraz. The best bit, however, was the two big big ass bowls of oysters that kept on getting refilled the moment they were emptied (which happened pretty much every twenty minutes thanks to me. I’m a total slet when it comes to oystertjies and have wound up poisoned so many times as a result but still just can’t stop eating them!)

Cheers bietse!

Celeb-wise, I ran into Top Billing’s Jeannie D for all of two seconds and heared that Expresso’s Liezel van der Westhuizen was also out and about. Alas, I didn’t nab any piccies as I was way too sucked into a skinner session with le fashion peeps; bloggers Ritza and Elrico from Luxo, Jasna from Fashion Jazz and celeb stylist Marilize de Clercq. Allison from Skinny Bitches in the Making was there too and if you click on over here you read her write up too. (Sorry All, I didn’t use the shot with you in it ‘cos my arm looked totally chubtastic and no amount of clever cropping could save it!)

Top left: Elrico and Ritza. Main pic: Leozette from Red Carpet Concepts, Jasna, me and Jax. Bottom left: Marelize and her super sexy J Lo-esque Mr P oorbelle and me being a douche.
See that little ducky in the glassie? We found it in our goodie bags and it took us ages to figure out what it was. A flash drive? Single dose bubblebath? Paper weight? Eventually we figured out it was a plastic ice cube! If I’d wised up earlier, I’d have rounded up five friends, stuck my pilferous fingers into their goodie bags and made off with a full set. Eventually, once the place was pretty much packed, models showed off the latest goodies from Beach Cult, a new Cape Town-based luxury beach wear store.

Their stuff was actually really pretty and super wearable.

Thank you St Yves for a seriously rocking party. You’ve certainly set the tone for a sizzling hot summer; I’m now looking forward to popping in for another one as the season rolls out.

Love, love


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