My Innoxa Young Solution Spot Drops obsession

A little while ago a rumour went around that Innoxa where discontinuing their Young Solution range and I went into a bit of a panic. I’ve been using their Spot Drops zit busting solution (R35) for years and find nothing beats it when it comes to drawing out and drying up a monster zit*. Seriously. If you apply it religeously, like every few hours, you can turn the biggest, most bad ass pimple into a dried up little speck in less than 48 hours.

Thus, every time I spotted it in store, I’d toss a handful into my trolley, terrified I’d one day hit the shops and not be able to find it and how now ended up with a bit of a ‘situation’:

All set for the post-Spot Drop apocalypse!

Fortunately, according to the Jo, the brands’ awesome PR, Spot Drops and the Young Solution range in general aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Sjoe! And now I have enough Spot Drops to last a life time…

Now tell me girls, am I the only stock piler here? Which products do you hoard like crazy for fear of extinction?

Love, love


*If you’re dealing with an evil blind pimple, however, may I suggest you consider Differin gel

22 thoughts on “My Innoxa Young Solution Spot Drops obsession

  1. I used Differin gel for a year or two, then my derm changed me to Isotrex which is stronger and works much better to dry out pimples! But……… the freaking bomb treatment for pimples is organic virgin coconut oil, yes it’s an oil but it doesnt clog pores and works better for acne than anything I have ever used, skin is CLEAR everyday first time in 14 years.

  2. I love them Leigh. I, like you, also stock piled them when that rumour went out! Guess I won’t have to worry about zits for the rest of my life now 🙂

  3. I really need to get these asap, every single month like clock work I get a giant pms pimple on my chin… and it always pops up really sudden but takes forever to go away.

    1. No, it’ll just dry up any pimples. To clear dark marks you’ll need to use a lotion with a high concentration of exfoliating acids in it.

      I like Environ Dermalac. It contains alpha hydroxy acids to help speed up the rate at which your skin renews itself. This will help buff away those marks.

      Good luck!

  4. Hi. I have the same issue with another Innoxa product, the One & All Vitamin E Therapy. Apparantly not being stocked in SA anymore, Innoxa Australia is not very helpfull as to where I can buy online. Maybe your PR can help?

  5. Hi Leigh,

    I don’t know if you can help me but I’m starting to become a little desperate!
    I had a bottle of this that has now run out, but this product is not stocked in the UK [where I am based] and not only can I only find limited stockists online, but none of them deliver to England.
    I don’t know how to get hold of it! Are you able to help or do you have any ideas? I’d be grateful if so. This is such a great product for spots, and I get huge ones right on my chin…this is the only thing that gets rid of them!
    Thanks 🙂 x

    1. Hi Sue! Sorry to hear you’re struggling. Do you perhaps have any friends in South Africa that can send you some? I can’t find it online with UK delivery either.

  6. hi after i get pimples on my cheeks, i have some left over marks will this product help to remove it after application.

    1. Hi Jojo! It’ll help dry up the spot but the mark it leaves behind would be best treated with a product containing lots of AHA which will speed up your skin’s renewal rate. Environ AHA gel should do the trick.

    1. Hi Mantai! No, it won’t. Your best bet there is to see a dermatologist if it’s bad. If it’s very mild, consider something like Garnier Dark Spot Corrector and wear a high SPF sunscreen every single day as the sun will make it worse and undo all your corrective efforts. It’ll take at least a month to six weeks before you see improvements though.

    1. Hi Abena! No, it just dries them up. To clear the spots you could try something with AHA in it. Environ’s AHA gel should do the trick and costs about R200. You’ll find it at Sorbet salons nationwide. Just chat to the therapist about how to use it.

  7. Hi, I can’t find it anymore 😦 I’m trawling the internet to find stockists in Sydney….any ideas please?

    1. None! I live in South Africa so can’t suggest a stockist over there. Do you have a friend in South Africa who can post some to you? I’d offer myself if I wasn’t so swamped with ‘to do’s’.

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