Oh my God!

I’m going to an uber-swanky black tie do tomorrow at Val de Vie to celebrate the launch of Ryk Neethling’s new vino. It’s there that I plan to man-nap him and force him to fall in love with me show him how charming and lovely I am.

(I’m going to lure him to my car by telling him I have a pool in my boot… Then I’ll whip out my ole’ never fail ‘Hey, does this serviette smell like chloroform?’ trick…)

Anyhoo, it’s IMPERATIVE that I look my absolute best – and, true as frikken Bob, I woke up yesterday with a massive zit on the very tip of my nose. Can you believe it? It, like, just couldn’t get any witchier!

Thus, I ran off to the dodgiest, most desp for cash-looking pharmacy I could find… one that wouldn’t hesitate to hand over prescription zit buster, Differin Gel. (It’s active ingredient is adapalene, a topical retinoid).

Ignore the weird Chinese writing on this tube. I ripped the image off the net. The local one is in English.

This is my never fail ‘big gun’ spot buster. It was prescribed to me back in high school when I couldn’t get rid of an evil blind pimple on my chin and I’ve been using it ever since for anything particularly nasty as it works like a bomb. In fact, I slapped some on for the first time last night and now, this morning, I can already see that the evil is receding back into my snout. SJOE! I don’t really know how it works, but somehow it manages to ‘flatten’ the nasty to the point where your bod almost sucks it back in. I also love that it’s a clear gel, so I can wear it at work under a bit of MAC Blot powder.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share…

Next time you visit the doc, chat to him about a prescription for Differen gel that you can keep it in your emergency zit blitzing artillery. If, however, you’re free of moral fibre soos ek – and have a devil may care attitude to scheduled meds – le dodgy pharmacy could be your new best friend… Just don’t come crying to me if you have some hideous allergic reaction and your face melts off… ;-P

Love, love


x x x

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