Labello Repair & Beauty lip balm review

Thank God for Labello. If it weren’t for their cherry-tinted lip balm I’d have spent my school years looking like an albino zombie. In fact, if I don’t wear a little colour on my lips they tend to look a ‘healthy’ shade of blue.

Dankie old friend, you were much appreciated…

Anyway, Labello have created a zillion different lip balms since my school days but the latest is this boy:

Labello Repair & Beauty, R26,99

It promises to assuage chapped lips with soothing dexpanthenol, a form of provitamin B5, while adding a ‘beautiful healthy colour’. It also makes use of moisturisers like Shea butter and jojoba oil, emollients like Candelilla (a wild shrub) wax and antioxidant vitamin E. Oh! And there’s a dash of menthol too but it’s very very subtle; those with very sensitive skin and find menthol a bit irritating shouldn’t have any issue with it.

Having given it a bash, I can tell you that it does help soothe and hydrate your lips while creating a protective barrier to lock the moisture in. I also like that it definitely feels more hydrating than ‘regular’ Labello but without any ‘greasiness’. It kind of failed on the ‘healthy colour’ front though in that it doesn’t darken the shade of lips in the least.

I’ve applied it heavily in the centre of my hand. You’ll see it’s more of a ‘glisten’ if anything.

Still, if your primary concern is soothing dry lips, Labello Repair & Beauty is a nice wallet-friendly fix.

Love, love


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One thought on “Labello Repair & Beauty lip balm review

  1. I hardly ever bother with lipstick anymore, just use Labello fruity shine Cherry, smells/tastes amazing and the colour is perfect.

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