American Swiss’ summer jewellery trends

So! As you may have heard via twitter, I’m suddenly single. Quelle horreur! Oh but don’t you worry about me. I’m really quite okay with the fact that I may well end up walking down the aisle in my forties (in an age-appropriate cocktail dress, nogal) and have to blow what would’ve been my dream house deposit on IVF. Or not. There’s also a chance I’ll end up all alone in a craptastic Upper Woodstock bachelors save for ten thousand cats which I’ll use as my profile pic on Facebook. But of course!

Seriously though, I’m not as bleak as I’m making out. I’m actually very much okay (or at least I’m going to be) thanks to an amazing group of friends and copious amounts of frozen yoghurt. I’ve also been incredibly humbled by the random outpourings of love and good wishes I’ve received from total strangers who happen to read my blog.

Anyway, while going through the whole post-break-up twisto change-o thing I’ve thrown out every single item of clothing I haven’t worn in six months and considered lopping off my locks. Thing is, I quite like my hair. It took me forever to grow it out and I’m not quite ready to part with it. So, instead of going for the chop, I’m doing what every semi-broken hearted girl oughtta do; switch to waterproof mascara, watch Katy Perry’s ‘Wide Awake’ video until my internet caps out and buy a big ass chunk o’ bling to cheer me up.

The latter was inspired by the v nice PR peeps at American Swiss who sent me a press pack of their latest summer trend collections:

Gatsby Girl, Sugar Doll, Marine Maiden and Safari Traveller.

Gatsby Girl is all about elegance, sophistication and ‘vintage lines’…

Doesn’t that green necklace make you think of ‘the heart of the ocean’ from Titanic?

…Sugar Doll is a veritable candy store of pretty pastels…

The yellow and pink stone cocktail rings (set with cubic zirconias) are only R499!

…Marine Maiden is sleek and sophisticated…

That stainless steel and cut glass ring (top right) is another steal at just R299.

…and Safari Traveller is gold, gold, gold with the odd touch of zexy animal print:


Decisions, decisions, (sparkly little) decisions… it’s very hard to pick a favourite collection as there are elements I like from each one of them. One thing’s for sure, I do adore my pretty new Tempo horlosie from the Marine Maiden collection:

I’m going to confirm the price of this baby for you, but I think it was around the R700/800 mark.

They say time heals all wounds so if I’m going to be counting the minutes, I’m happy to be able to do it in style.

Love, love


8 thoughts on “American Swiss’ summer jewellery trends

  1. oh my god :/ sorry babe…

    this probably wont make it better or help but I think you’re really pretty and fucking hilarious, awesome guys are waiting for you in your future. When you are ready 🙂

    Hope you have a good weekend *huggles*

  2. You won’t be single for long! And then you will find someone amazing and all your dreams will come true. But really enjoy this time(when you are feeling better) as this is probably the last time in your life you will be free and single. Big hug

  3. Jammer om te hoor van die break up. Just cut him out of all the photos. Cause I cut him out of my glamour magazine photo of you guys in the Aussie hair “interview /advert”. Best thing to do is “control alt delete”. Mooi dag. Vee

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