NIVEA Invisible Black & White deodorant review

As it turns out, NIVEA’s new Invisible for Black & White deodorant has been on the shelves for just a few weeks but already the suppliers can’t meet the demand. In fact, it’s the brands most successful launch to date both locally and overseas.

NIVEA Invisible Black & White anti-perspirant for men and women

If you’ve yet to hear about it, Invisible for Black & White offers a whopping 48 hours of protection (you hear that Rocking the Daisies fans?!) and helps prevent white marks on dark clothing as well as the yellowing of white fabrics.

While I don’t really sweat it up enough to be able to vouch for the anti-yellowing bit, I used the anti-perspirant aerosol I was given and it definitely doesn’t leave white strepe all over your darks. It also has a fresh, ever so slightly powdery scent that won’t interfere with your perfume.

NIVEA Invisible Black & White deos are on the shelf as we speak; a roll on is going for R17 and the aerosol is R22.

Love, love


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