How to wear wedges courtesy of Madison footwear and Marilize de Clercq

So! As your official Madison footwear brand ambassador for September (clap, clap, cheer, cheer), I’m thrilled to bring you post nommer een on how to wear wedges like a pro. To find out, I chatted to personal stylist and image consultant, Marilize de Clercq.

You might recognise her face from Top Billing…

Marilize is the chica you call when you need a personal style makeover or wardrobe revamp. We just met the other day at a fashion boutique launch at the 12 Apostles where she was a guest speaker and was super impressed.

Her biggest wedge no no is to not wear them if you can’t walk in them. ‘There is nothing us unflattering like a woman shuffling in high wedges’.

Another wedge rule? ‘The size of the wedge should complement the size of your frame’, she says. For example, a short petite girl should rather wear a smaller thinner or light weight wedge and a tall or curvier girl can easily pull off a chunkier statement wedge.’

Oh hello there ‘statement’ wedge… this is Madison’s Angelina, R459

If you have big ankles, she suggests you avoid ankle straps or at least make sure the strap is a nude hue.

Madison’s Kate colour block wedge, R319. Note the nude strap.

When it comes to incorporating them with your wardrobe, she reckons wedges looks great with both flared or skinny jeans as well as ‘funky elastic hem pants’.

Got all that? Is it burned into your brain? Not this week but the next, Marilize is going to fill us in on how to wear colour block wedges and then I’ll pass on my Madison footwear crown (*curtsies*) to yet another blogger, so keep on popping by.

In the meantime, if you want to get in touch with Marilize, drop her a mail on or hit her up on twitter, she’s @tylewithMDC.

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  1. Wow! I bought madison wedges @ Boomerang Fashions. I dont regret buying it… they’re really nice and comfortable on me.

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