The Body Shop Scents of the World collection

Got zero leave due? Have a wallet full of till slips and 10 cent coins? Haunted by a pesky criminal record that’ll dash your hopes of a visa? (Hey, I’m not judging… if he cheated on you with your hot best friend that bastard got what he deserved…)

Whatever it is that might be preventing you from travelling the globe, know that all is not lost. You can still (sort of) escape to far-flung destinations thanks to The Body Shop’s Scents of the World collection.

The Body Shop Scents of the World EDT collection

The range includes five EDTs (R180 each) that make use of exotic natural extracts sourced from various parts of the globe; Amazonian Wild Lily, Atlas Mountain Rose, Madagascan Vanilla Flower, Indian Night Jasmine and Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Each scent isn’t a single note fragrance as their names suggest. I was given Amazonian Wild Lily which is composed of iris, white lilies (from the Amazon, nogal), orchid and papaya zest. On me, it smells like a fresh, clean white floral; the perfect after gym or in the office EDT for spring.

They should be in store as I ‘speak’ and if not, they’ll be out by the end of the month along with matching body lotions, body butters, shower gels and body mists. The collection is a limited edition once off, so if you fall in love with something, be sure to stock up.

Love, love


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