The INGLOT launch that got everybody talking

A few weeks back, INGLOT invited a bunch of ‘beauties’ to their Canal Walk store to give us a sneak preview of a few of the goodies they’ll be launching as the year rolls out. The real highlight, however, was these guys:

Don’t mind if I do…

Oh! And the part when they told us we could each pick out R1000-worth of INGLOT goodies to take home with us. OMFG!

Needless to say, the whole thing devolved into an exceptionally glam version of the Reggie’s’ Rush, that old KTV show where they’d let a bunch of kids run rampant through a giant Reggie’s toy store, stuffing as much shizz into their trolleys in a limited amount of time. It took forever to wrap up though ‘cos if you’ve stepped into INGLOT, you’ll know how it brings new meaning to the words spoiled for choice.

Like, seriously… how the hell do you pick out a shade? Seriously!

Anyway, despite feeling a bit paralysed due to the incredible choice-factor, I ended up picking out these babies:

Clockwise from top left: INGLOT Cream Powder foundation in 86 (R179), Nail Enamel in 824 (R99), YSM pressed powder in 41 (R179), Sleeks lipgloss in 51 (R139), Cream Concealer in 35 (R149), eye shadow singles in 423 and 421 (R149 each).

I still can’t believe how so many items could add up to only just over a grand. The value aspect of INGLOT is like totally ridic!

I’ve been playing with my loot for a while now and the items that’ve impressed me the most are the eye shadows.

423 on the left and 421 on the right.

Quality-wise, they’re fabulous in that the pigmentation is amazing and they glide onto your skin with the greatest of ease. I also adore the colours I picked. 421 is a chocolate-y hue that looks great both day and night and 423 is more of a brown-gray, if that makes sense. When I wear them, I do so alone, just as a single wash over my entire lid with a little highlighter on my brow bone. I wore the brown-gray shade to the Steve Madden launch the other day (it’s a fab ‘brown’ for night-time) and actually had someone tell me they liked my eye shadow. Nice!

I’m also getting a lot of wear out of this fun, electric raspberry-coloured lip gloss:

INGLOT Sleeks lip gloss in 51

I’d been given a few INGLOT glosses in the past but none in shades that suited me so it was nice to play with this guy. The pigmentation’s also great so the colour you see in the tube is colour you get on your lips; a raspberry-coloured tin foil that flatters cool skin tones and, thanks to its metallic nature, creates the illusion of a fuller-looking pout. I also like its subtle sweet smell and, despite its non-sticky texture, reckon its got decent enough ‘grip’, to prevent it from sliding off your lips after the first cocktail.

Oh! And I quite liked the Cream Powder foundation:

INGLOT Cream Powder foundation, R179

While it didn’t knock my freakin’ socks off (I’ve been ruined for life on that front ever since trying Dior’s DiorSkin Nude creme-gel make-up), it did a nice job of providing matte, light to mid-weight coverage without creeping into fine lines. Just be wary of using it if you’v got any dry patches, like around your nose etc, as it’ll draw attention to that. Still, for less than R200, you’d be hard pressed to find another cream to powder foundation to rival it.

Going forward, the next time I need to buy eye shadow, I’m not going to bother going anywhere other than INGLOT, that’s for sure. I’m now keen to give their blush a bash to see if it’s just as good.

Love, love


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