VO5 launch new shampoo, conditioner and styling products; (Love My Colour is lovely)

It felt like just the other day that VO5 re-launched their wash and styling range but now they’ve done it again with a pretty-in-pink line up that includes shampoos and conditioners for five different hair types as well as a nice selection of styling products.

All the shampoos and conditioners make use of VO5’s special blend of five different natural oils; avocado, argan, apricot, grape seed and jojoba.

There’s a shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair (Love My Colour), dry hair (Give Me Moisture), fine/lifeless hair (Plump Me Up), frizzy hair (Gloss Me Smoothly) plus a 2-in-1 (Revive Me Daily). Each 500ml bottle is only R45,99 making them very, very wallet-friendly.

Of all the shampoos and conditioners, I most liked Love My Colour.

VO5 Love My Colour shampoo and conditioner, R45,99 each

It’s got a similar formula to the hydrating and smoothing variants but includes a UV filter as well as hydrolized keratin which my hair seems to love. (It’s great to help restore a hair shaft that’s been damaged by or exposed to highlights.) I liked that it left my hair clean and bouncy-looking but wasn’t too hard to detangle when wet.

The volumising duo (Plump Me Up) was great too; it really did give my hair more body and bounce thanks to strand-plumping collagen. The only reason I won’t use it day is because it made my hair a little trickier to brush when wet as, like most volumising shampoos, it goes easy on the heavy conditioners.

Styling-wise, VO5’s new products include their infamous hot oils…

VO5 Give Me Moisture hot oil treatments; available as a 75ml tube or in a pack of 4 x 15ml single doses (pictured), R45,99

…as well as a styling mousses, a straightening balm, tousled style spray (kind of like ghd’s sea spray), curl scrunching spray, choppy crème wax, Miracle Mist spray-on leave-in conditioner and a Miracle Concentrate Elixer with Argan Oil all priced around the forty five bucks-zone!

Of everything I tried the two products that impressed me the most was the leave-in conditioner:

VO5 Miracle Mist, R45,99

This does a nice job of detangling my hair when it’s wet or taming the odd fly-away/frizz patch. I liked that it conditioned without adding weight or ‘grease’ and smelled AMAZING; like Tom Ford’s Black Orchid voil de fleur EDT, one of my favourite ‘let’s glam things up now’ fragrances.

I was also impressed with this boy:

VO5 Miracle Concentrate Elixer with Argan oil, R45,99

Its formula is VERY close to that of Moroccan Oil in that both products are a mix of hair-smoothing silicone with a little natural oil/s tossed in. What makes VO5’s formula even more interesting is that it looks like they’ve got more Argan oil in their product than Moroccan oil does yet costs a snip of the price.

I used it on my wet ends before drying and liked the lustre it added to my locks. It also did a good job of smoothing ‘frizzies’ and, again, it’s got that yummy Tom Ford-ish/white-gardenia  scent.

I haven’t personally seen these guys on the shelf just yet but have been told that they’re in store right now. If you happen to buy anything, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

Love, love


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8 thoughts on “VO5 launch new shampoo, conditioner and styling products; (Love My Colour is lovely)

  1. The new heat protect curl scrunching spray is awesome! For the first time in years I can wear my hair in their natural curls. Thank you VO5!

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