Maybelline SuperStay 14 Hr lipstick review

New Maybelline SuperStay 14 HR lipstick (R129,95) has hit the shelves.


It arrived in a cutesy clock-shaped box that gave a bit of insight into the Maybelline’s girls day. As it turns out she only sleeps between 11 and 12 which, as a friend of mine pointed out, means she might well be going through a bit of a manic episode at the mo.

Forgive my crappy cell camera pic.

Still, bi-polar dramz aside, the Maybelline girl has one less thing to worry about: her lippie isn’t going to budge. I was given a shade called Infinitely Fuchsia and reckon it’s utterly gorgeous. I love a blue-based fuchsia lip; it lights up pale skin and creates the illusion of whiter-looking teeth.

What you doing Leigh?
‘What you doing Leigh?’ Oh you know… taking awkward selfies in bed. The usual…

The lippie claims to have an ultra lightweight, comfortable, formula (‘no dragging, no drying’) that delivers high impact colour that lasts 14 hours as the pigments are enveloped in a longwearing system.

I wore it all of yesterday and yes, it slicks on with ease and certainly does feel light on the lips. The colour is definitely striking and you only need one slick to get full impact. As far as longevity goes, I didn’t manage to wear it for 14 hours as I hit the gym in the middle of the day and needed a shower, but it certainly does go the distance in that it survived a cup of coffee with a rusk and lots of lip licking (mostly in the name of testing but also due to it’s yummy red lollipop flavour). I only really needed to touch it up a bit after eating a saucy spag bol for lunch. Impressive!

While it’s not as hydrating as other lipsticks it’s certainly not nearly as drying as other ‘long-wearing’ lippies I’ve tried in the past. Try them out next time you’re in store and let me know what you think. I think you’ll like them.

Love, love


UPDATE: So! I wore this yesterday and came home with a crushing migraine o’ death, the kind that saw me smashing a fistful of OTC muscle relaxants and painkillers into my face before blacking out, hoping to God I wouldn’t wet the bed if I coughed in the night. Sexy, glamorous times, ya’ll!

Anyway, upon waking up, I looked like a dead animal but – surprise, surprise – my lipstick was hundreds. Hundreds! While I’m super glad to have not woken up in the ER, I take comfort in knowing that I’d have had lippie on. Nice one Maybelline. Very, very nice…

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2 thoughts on “Maybelline SuperStay 14 Hr lipstick review

  1. Ugh, so sorry to hear about your migraine…any better yet? If a lippie can survive that, it passes MY test… :p I still haven’t found the equal to CG Outlast but maybe this will be it (just don’t like Outlast’s limited choices)…

    1. I think there are about eight shades of Maybelline SuperStay in SA. Lots more overseas. Might pick up more colours on eBay. I’m still really enjoying this lipstick. The secret’s in the application; applying it to clean, dry lips so it can bond to your skin. I.e. don’t slick it on over a balm or another lip colour.

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