Heard about ZAO? It’s a new 100% natural make-up range from France

Back in the day, finding organic beauty products was a bit of an ‘ish’ but now that the whole ‘green thing’s totally exploded organic skin care is pretty much all over the place. Still, finding organic or at least completely natural make-up is tough. I learned this the hard way when I had to write an article for another website the other day using only organic or ‘green’ products. As a result, however, I discovered ZAO, a 100% natural make-up range from France that uses organic and fair trade ingredients.

A selection of ZAO all natural make-up goodies

Other plus points? They’re also very much against animal testing and their super cute all natural packaging leaves a negative carbon foot print as it’s made from fast-growing sustainable bamboo. I also like that the range is fabulously extensive in that they cover all the bases; foundation and powders, lip and eye pencils, mascaras, shadows, lip gloss, you name it…

Anyway, I was given one of their cream eye shadows to play with:

ZAO cream shadow in Amethyst, R179

It’s all natural ingredients include antioxidants like pomegranate fruit and ginkgo biloba extracts and a minimum of 20% of them are organic. (You know there’s a difference between natural and organic right? If you need to brush up on that pop on over here.)

While the colour looks quite pigmented in the pot it’s actually very sheer on your skin. You can darken it up a little by swiping over the area a few times but it’s still more of a ‘wash’ than an opaque pigment.

ZAO cream shadow in amethyst
Alas, my ‘closed eye’ shot came out blurry but you can still see the colour on my lid. It’s just v sheer.

I liked that it was super easy to blend and dried to a shimmery powder finish but creased up within the hour. Fortunately, I’ve got a very good primer. Using that beforehand or applying it on top of foundation ensured it stuck around for the day.

If you like your beauty au natural, I think you’re going to appreciate ZAO. To purchase, visit Natural Beauty for Africa Trading’s online shop (they’re the SA distributor) or Faithful to Nature, a local online store specialising in natural and organic goodies.

Love, love


P.S. Cheryl from ZAO told me that Ethical Living magazine did an investigative story on 24 different make-up brands and ZAO was the only one they ended up recommending in the end. Sjoe!

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