Clinique Even Better Eyes dark circle corrector review

Clinique Even Better Eyes dark circle corrector is a lightweight eye cream that promises to visibly lighten up dark under eye circles while it’s metal applicator tip cools and massages the eye area to ‘break up puffs’.

Clinique Even Better Eyes dark circle corrector, R330.

As the formula contains lots of light-reflecting mica and titanium dioxide (which is also a sunscreen), it can help ‘brighten’ and blur the look of dark circles as well as fine lines. It’s also got a slightly yellow colour to it and, if you know hues, yellow is great to help you neutralise blue or red tones. To give you an idea take a look at this piccie in which my hand looks like a cold, blue claw o’ death:

However, if I pump up the yellow in my picture editor, I can take out some of the blue:

Ta da!

Anyway, optical illusions aside, this cream might be able to help temporarily reduce the look of dark circles caused by poor circulation thank to its caffeine content. Alas, most of the time, dark circles are caused by genes that dictate thin eye area skin. (This is my situation.) Then, as your skin gets thinner as you age, it only gets worse. (Fun, right?!)

So, if you’re in the same boat, take comfort in this: Even Better Eyes is chocablock with fab antioxidants like green tea and mulberry extract plus sunscreen that will help slow down the hands of Father Time. Still, should you get to the point where you feel you look like you’ve been punched in the face, you can always have a little filler injected under your eyes. The procedure sounds extreme but is becoming pretty common place.

As for the metal applicator, it does feel nice and cool on your skin, regardless of whether you keep it in the fridge or not. Using it to massage your under eye area can contribute towards easing puffiness, provided it’s caused by fluid retention.

Another Even Better Eyes plus? It’s lovely ‘silky’ texture (thanks silicone!) is going ensure your concealer glides on like a dream. And speaking of which, if you’re very concerned about blue under eye circles, perhaps consider trying a yellow-toned concealer. (Physician’s Formula, exclusive to Dis-chem, make a very nice one…)

Love, love


2 thoughts on “Clinique Even Better Eyes dark circle corrector review

  1. Hi. I have really bad circles under my eyes, caused by my genes. I have recently done some research on surgical options, and briefly came across the filler injections. Do you have any more information? Also, have you yourself considered the filler injections? If not, why? Thanks!

  2. I know Skin & Body Renewal (various branches around SA) do under eye fillers. I reckon give them a ring to find out things like cost etc. It’s something I might consider if I look dreadful when I’m fifty or something but right now I’m happy to just slap on a little concealer.

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