Thierry Mugler A*MEN Pure Shot; an Oscar Pistorius-inspired scent that surpasses all expectations

First up, how awesome is Oscar Pistorius?

I got to interview him years back for a Cosmo ‘sexy man’ special and remember how he stood out as one of the nicest of the bunch. (Not that it wasn’t too difficult. I remember having to use sooo much ‘creative editing’ to prevent some of the schmodel boys from coming across like total douches. When asked what he looked for in a girlfriend, one replied that he wasn’t too hung up on personality, she just had to be ‘really, really good looking’. And he wasn’t joking.)

Anyway, Oscar was one of the biggest ‘stars’ at both the Olympics and Paralympics so it’s only fitting that he’s the inspiration for Thierry Mugler’s athletic new cologne, A*MEN Pure Shot.

Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Shot EDT, R860 for 100mls

According to Mugler, the new fragrance is a ‘performance trigger, inspiring men in their desire to surpass themselves’. Unlike other more gourmand versions, including the original A*MEN, Pure Shot is pure freshness. No chocolate, no caramel, no coffee, no heavy spicy or smoky woods. Instead, it’s all about frozen mint, jumping juniper and invigorating white pepper on a bed of wood and patchouli. Everything you don’t expect from a male Mugler scent. To me, however, it smells like peppermints, a men’s shower product I can’t put my finger on and a hint of spicy wood.

As for my boyfriend, he only wears super vris, athletic scents and, in the past, has balked at other male Muglers for being ‘too sweet’, ‘too fruity’, ‘too intense’. He’s also ridiculous spoiled when it comes to fragrances and has said he really mustn’t take on another as his bathroom shelf is going to break. Regardless, just one sniff of Pure Shot and he was totally hooked. He also loves the bottle’s clever design; a shiny white rubber encasing a blue glass star:

Don’t you think it looks like something out of Star Wars? Love that!

Anyway, if you’ve also found Mugler’s male scents to be to gourmand in the past, take everything you know about them, toss it aside and give this baby a sniff; it literally hits the shelves today. Much like Oscar Pistorius, it’ll surpass all your expectations. And yes it’s, it’s damn sexy too.

Love, love


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