Mama Mio O Mega shower cream review

As I’ve mentioned before, Mama Mio skin care was initially aimed at expectant moms but is now being snapped up by anyone who appreciates well-formulated beauty goodies. Thus, I was very happy to receive their delish-smelling O Mega shower cream the other day:

Mama Mio O Mega shower cream, R275

The formula is free of sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), a foaming agent that not everybody adores even though you’ll find it in almost every product in your bathroom. (I’m serious. If you’ve got five products sitting in your shower I can almost guarantee you that four of them with contain SLS.) As I don’t have sensitive skin this isn’t a problem for me but those with skin conditions like eczema will know that SLS isn’t everybody’s friend. There are also those who believe it’s ‘stripping’ action can ultimately dry your skin out, so ja, if that’s a bit of an ‘ish’ for you, Mama Mio’s shower gel’s a goodie.

Anyway, in regards to what O Mega does contain, you’ll find it’s a nice mix of moisturising sweet almond and avocado oils (both contain hydrating essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6) as well as soothing chamomile, aloe vera and arnica. For me, however, the biggest draw card is the way it smells; all Mama Mio products make use of Gravidas, a blend of ten essential oils that is the brand’s signature scent. To me, it’s fresh, clean and grapefruit-y but with all the sharp zingy edges removed. It’s the kind of gorgeous smell that makes me sniff at my hands before I rub it into my skin.

Aside from being used as a shower gel, you can also pour it into your bath to create a low-foaming bubble bath but I wouldn’t recommend it. The product doesn’t come cheap and you get more bang for your buck if you squeeze a bit of it into a sponge and rub it all over your bod. It doesn’t foam up dramatically like other shower gels I’ve tried, but it does turn ‘creamy’ on your skin.

In all, if you’re looking to avoid things like parabens, pthalates, petrolatum and SLS or simply like great-smelling, hydrating, spoilicious bath time treats, Mama Mio’s shower cream is a very nice splurge. To find your nearest stockist, pop on over here.

Love, love


Win! Win! Win!
Poise is Mama Mio’s sole distributor in SA. To celebrate Woman’s Day, they’re running a competition on All4Women in which you can win product hampers as well as a treatment at either Body Sense Day Spa or Boutique. Click here to enter.

*I actually had a very interesting Mama Mio High Protein ‘fitness’ facial a few months back. You can read about it over here.

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