Woolworths’ Studio.W and RE: now have their own signature fragrances

Its not unusual for a fashion chain to launch their own fragrances; Zara have some very nice ones as do GAP and now so do two of Woolworths’ lines, Studio.W and RE:

I was sent the RE: woman and RE: man, each R199,95 for 30ml, to play with:

RE: woman on the left, RE: man on the right.

RE: woman is a ‘burst of leafy freshness with a touch of jasmine’ but I thought it more of a sweet, ever so slightly soapy white floral that made me think of Estee Lauder’s Beyond Paradise.

The male fragrance is an aromatic woody scent with citrus notes, crisp mint, amber and vetiver. I quite liked this one in that it smelled fresh and clean but had just enough warmth to stop it from falling into ‘shower gel’ or ‘deodorant’ territory. This one reminded me of cK Be. Remember that dude? That was the more aromatic Calvin Klein unisex cologne which is now discontinued. A quick google revealed they both have citrus, wood, mint and amber notes.

Want to check ‘em out yourself? They’re sitting in Woolies as I type.

Love, love


P.S. Speaking of RE:, I’ve just spotted this cute RE: cotton check snood in Woolies’ online store.

RE: Crushed Cotton snood, R120

I think it’s from the men’s department but I could make it work, don’t you think? Perhaps if I teamed it with a denim 3/4 shirt or plain white or grey vest? Feel free to tell me it’s vile ‘cos I haven’t bought it yet… but I am itching to check it out in store…

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