So NIVEA gave me a fruit basket…

Earlier this week I met my photographer friend Leah for lunch at my favourite sushi spot in the world, Sawadee on Kloof. (Once you have their Chef Special, a spicy tuna roll with creamy prawn tempura on top of it, you’re ruined for life in that all other sushi tastes like stodgy crap.)

About half way into our meal, I got a call from a courier who was outside my house so I told him to pop round to the restaurant instead. As it turns out, he had a little somethin’ somethin’ from NIVEA:

A fruit basket? With NIVEA goodies?! Nice one!

I proceeded to embarrass impress Leah with my impromptu wig-making skills:


See that NIVEA Q10 Plus Firming body moisturiser I’m holding? It’s a little richer than NIVEA’s regular body lotion as it’s formulated for drier skin types making it a good buy for the last of the cold winter months. I actually reviewed it just the other day along with the Q10-infused body oil; you can check that out over here.

Leah, however, was quite taken with the regular body lotion. That and pineapple:

She likes pina coladas… and long walks in the rain… (with NIVEA’s Q10 Plus Firming body lotion, the lightest formulation of the bunch).

Thanks NIVEA; your surprise delivery was much appreciated and I’ve enjoyed fruit for brekkie ever since.

Love, love


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