So as it turns out, my friend has a shitty rare disease

Life isn’t fair and I know this because there are millions of truly dreadful that, quite frankly, deserve a smattering of cancer. Think rapists… animal abusers… that crazy dude who shot all those movie goers in the states… But life isn’t fair at all and thus a big-ass cancer-riddled lightening bolt has come on down to zap a total darling like Irene instead.

Irene and I used to work together back in the dag when I was still at the The Publishing Partnership, working on Clicks ClubCard magazine. We also put in a short amount of time at Beauty South Africa.

Anyhoo, her docs recently discovered horrid little tumour things lurking in her leg. They’re calling them secondaries as they’re caused by another much bigger, nastier ball of cancer, the primary, which is hiding away somewhere in her bod. (I know, right?! It all just sounds like a bad episode of The Fringe!) Her docs are trying to find it but it’s being a surreptitious little bitch.

Ironically, Irene recently started a blog, Learning to Live on Purpose, to ponder the meaning of life but now it’s moving in the direction of ‘So I’ve got cancer and it’s pretty fucking kak. Wanna come along for the ride?’. If you appreciate good writing and admire sheer pluck in the face of shitness, I think you’ll enjoy taking a squizz.

Also, if you know anyone who’s fought cancer and won or have any type of insight, please feel free to leave a comment on her blog. She’s in that ‘oh, I’m so excited to have a blog, let me check the stats every three seconds’ phase and getting a bunch of comments is going to make her day.

Love, love


Update: Okay, so now it’s not cancer. The doc’s made a mistake. Yay! Instead, it’s a rare disease that none of the experts can diagnose just yet. Drat. Oh! And now she’s getting a hip replacement. Fun, fun, fun…

4 thoughts on “So as it turns out, my friend has a shitty rare disease

  1. Didn’t realise you’d written about me (and the rapid change in theme of my blog har har) till I got a comment from one of your ladies. How coool!
    Thanks for the link love Leigh (little bit of alliteration to brighten my day. I used to be a teacher, you know.)

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