Sh’Zen Detoxifying Toning body oil review

I was given two Sh’Zen body oils the other day. I didn’t fall in love with the ‘Destressing’ one because it smelled a bit too lemongrass-y for my liking. The Detoxifying Toning body oil, however, is awesome!

Sh’Zen Detoxifying Toning body oil, R199 for 100mls.

A blend of grapefruit, fennel, black pepper, juniper and hyssop essential oils in a sweet almond oil base, it aims to help drain and decongest to ultimately ‘treat cellulite and streamline your body’.

Now, if I’m honest, I don’t pay all that much attention to topicals promising to rid your ass of le dreaded cellies. I mean, if there was some miracle cream out, women all over the world would be buying it up in bulk. Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t think certain products can’t assist with water retention, stimulate your circulation or possibly temporarily plump skin up make the orange-peel effect a little less noticeable. All I’m saying is that I’ve yet to discover one that offers dramatic permanent results.

Because of all the above, I didn’t bother massaging the oil into my butt. Instead, I’ve been using it on my legs and have been loving the way it makes them feel. I tend to run around in crazy high heels all day or, on the other end of the spectrum, sit on my legs when I write, so they often end up feeling ‘heavy’. I also don’t have it going on in the lymph-drainage department so they occasionally swell up thanks to water retention. In fact, if you saw my ankles, which aren’t all that skinny to begin with, after a long haul flight you’d mistake me for this dude:

Oh! No! You! Didn’t! You did NOT just say I look FAT in my sailor bib…

Anyway, I now love coming home at night, kicking off my shoes and rubbing the oil into my bene; it just feels sooo good! (Even better after a long, hot bath.) I also like that it moisturises beautifully but absorbs super fast. The best bit, however, is the smell; a ‘spalicious’ blend of zingy grapefruit with ‘warm’ black pepper.

In regards to slimming or toning, I can’t say I’ve noticed any very visible difference and it would be difficult to do so. If I go to bed with heavy-feeling legs at night they feel just fine the next day regardless of whether I’ve used a product or not, so I wouldn’t know if it was speeding up the battle of the bloat ‘cos I’m asleep when all that (literally) goes down. Either way, the fabulous smell and soothing-sensation this product provides are enough to ensure I’ll buy a new bottle the moment this one runs dry.

Want to read my other Sh’Zen reviews? They’re over here. To locate your nearest Sh’Zen agent, pop on over here. You can also buy Sh’Zen goodies online at The Spa Shop.

Love, love


2 thoughts on “Sh’Zen Detoxifying Toning body oil review

  1. I love Sh’zen, my favourite product is the Relaxing treatment for Feet. After a long day of shopping I will rub it on my feet before I go to bed and wake up with “new relaxed” feet. Also tried the calming lotion and this works really well for those nasty pimples, no drying out of the skin like other products do.

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