Societi Bistro are taking you on a Tour through France

Good God, the food in France is good. Did you know that they dip their pain au chocolat’s (chocolate croissants) into their hot chocolate?! I was over there late last year to visit Mands, my little sis who’s engaged to a Frenchman, and all I did was stuff my face in between alternate sips of champers and cafe au lait. I blame this on the fact that everywhere you look there’s just cheese, cheese, cheese:

Heaven… I’m in heaven…

And you can’t go anywhere without being ambushed by the evil that are macaroons…

These were from Laduree. They’re supposed to be the best in France.

…they’re even lurking on the belt in Parisian sushi bars:

Bonjour fat ass!

So ja, whilst there, all I did was eat…

On the floor of Sephora, stuffing my face.


In some little street cafe, stuffing my face.

…and EAT!

Mands, near the Eiffel tower, stuffing her face…

Naturally, this resulted in a body-rocking spasti-colon that caused my stomache to distend, twist and bloat to the point where I ended up rolling around on the floor of her lounge, crying like a collicky pony.

Yes, that’s really me and I swear to God I’m not pushing it out; I literally went from being as flat as a board to swollen up like Octo-mom!

Le agony was so intense, I thought I was going to die. Thank God I’d had the foresight to pack Hyo-spasmol or I’d have ended up in the l’opital ER. It took a good two days for my stomach to normalise/deflate and, because I’m totally responsible with my health, I wasted no time celebrating with healthy, easy on the digestive system foods like this:

Escargot drowning in cream and some dish I’ve forgotten the name of which was essentially baked cheese oozing oil. Yum!

Anyway, you’ll be glad to know you don’t have to jet off to gay Paree to get your fill of French fare (or IBS) as Societi Bistro in Orange Street is planning on taking you on a ‘Tour through France’.  Each Wednesday, starting today, they’ll be launching a new 3-course menu inspired by ten different regions in France paired with delish local wines. This week it’s all about ‘Isle de France – Paris’ and the menu includes French onion soup and braised pork belly with mustard relish.

To celebrate their new menus, Societi held a little launch party that I was lucky enough to attend. Of everything I got to taste, I most enjoyed the super-salty anchovy tart…

Num num num…

… and this spiced red wine-soaked pear served with mascarpone cheese.

The pear is nestling above an apple and orange crepe. So little and unassuming yet so ridiculously good!

It all went down a treat with this boy:

Hartenberg Shiraz 2007; a tres lekker rooi.

Keen for a little French affair? To check out the menus and decide which week you want to go, pop on over here.

Besou, besou (kiss, kiss)


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