Eucerin Complete Repair Moisture and Intensive lotions review

Eucerin’s have created two new Complete Repair hydrators to help those with super dry skin.

Eucerin Complete Repair Moisture Lotion with 5% urea (R130) and Intensive Lotion with 10% urea (R140).

The new formula sorts out dryness in three ways, by bindinglocking and distributing moisture within your skin. To explain, it binding is really just another word for ‘moisturising’ in the way that we know it. And, thanks to a complex that makes use of mega-moisturising urea and other uber-hydrators, it manages to break down Filaggrin in your skin. And I know what you’re thinking… Isn’t Filaggrin the evil old hobo dude in Oliver Twist? And nope, you’re totally wrong… That was Fagin.

‘You’ve got to pick a pocket or two…’ (And maybe steal a few cell phones out of handbags at the Lady Gaga concert…)

Filaggrin is protein that forms when the skin becomes super-duper rough. (Think of the dry skin on the back of your heels.) In normal skin, it breaks down to assist in the creation of your skin’s own natural moisturiser. In some skin’s, however, it doesn’t break down properly and this causes dryness.

Step two? It locks the moisture in thanks to something called Ceramide 3. A quick google reviews that Ceramide 3 isn’t just some stupid term they made up (Boswellox, anyone?), it’s a regte egte cosmetic ingredient that’s used as an emollient in various cosmetics. As to HOW it locks in moisture, I have no idea but really, I’m not all that fussed. ‘Locking moisture in’ isn’t exactly rocket science in that you could do the same thing with Vaseline.

Last but not least, the lotions claim to improve the distribution of moisture in your skin thanks to gluco-glycerol which activates your aquaporins. Remember how I spoke about those the other day? How Nivea’s using aquaporin tech, which they refer to as HydraIQ technology, to drive moisture deeper into your skin? It would make sense that Eucerin would get in on that action too as they’re both Beiersdorf companies.

Anyway, Eucerin says their Complete Repair lotions kicked ass in clinical trials and are so effective and gentle that they’re ideal to help people suffering from serious medical problems like eczema and hyperkeratosis (unnatural skin thickening). I’m lucky in that my only real issue is generalised winter dryness but my ‘let’s hit this fly with a hammer’ attitude sees me very happy to slap on the Complete Repair Moisture lotion with 5% urea.

Texture-wise, it’s a surprisingly light silky-feeling creme that’s heavier than your typical lotion but nowhere near as creamy or thick as, say, a body butter. I like that it’s fragrance-free and leaves your skin with a slightly ‘velvety’ feeling, a lot like Arden’s Eight Hour Cream hand cream. I also appreciate that it sinks in on contact and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky in the least. Having used it for four days straight after I get out of the bath, I can feel a real difference in my skin’s softness, especially around my ankles.

In all, these are nicely formulated hydrators and, if you’ve got very dry skin, they’re going to help you out. If, however, you’ve got extremely dry, problematic skin, chat to your doc or dermatologist. They might suggest specialised treatment in conjunction with one of Eucerin’s lotions as many doctors and dermatologists do.

Love, love


3 thoughts on “Eucerin Complete Repair Moisture and Intensive lotions review

  1. Best product bar none. I use the 10% in Jhb and my skin is better than when im in tropical Durban.
    Loved the post!
    Hope you keep writing! !!

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