Dr Gobac Anti-Aging Facial review

Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals is a fairly new skin care range developed by Dr. Robert Gobac, a local docter. I was invited to experience a Dr. Gobac Anti-Aging Facial at the Placecol Skin Care Clinic in Kenilworth Centre.

The cosy l’il treatment room.

My therapist, Kelly, was the highlight of the treatment in that she gave me an amazing shoulder and head massage. Like AMA-ZING. As for the facial, it consisted of a double cleanse, exfoliating mask, steam session and toning CEYA treatment before the application of two different serums and a day cream. (I could also have had a sunscreen applied on top of this but had tested it before and knew it was too heavy for my oily skin so I asked that we skip out on that.)

Like I’ve said before, I don’t appreciate facials that merely entail layering on a host of products I already have in my bathroom. I mean who wants to shell out for something they can do themselves? This is why I really liked that Dr. Gobac’s facial includes two ‘extras’ you’ll only get in the salon; an exfoliating fruit enzyme and purifying clay mask and a treatment gel that’s boosted by a CEYA treatment.

Rocking my treatment boobtube-thing.

A CEYA treatment involves using a machine that uses radio waves to heat up your skin. This improves your circulation to improve product penetration and efficacy. The machine, which looks a bit like a sonogram machine, is used in conjunction with Dr. Gobac’s treatment gel. I’m not sure what its active ingredients are but it’s supposed to help plump, hydrate and firm your skin. It also contains a botanical Myorelaxant which can temporarily relax your facial expression muscles, helping to smooth out expression lines. (I know it sounds crazy, but Myorelaxants really can work wonders. Freezeframe is an example of a very potent one. Check out Chantelle from Not Another Poppie’s review over out here. If you’re into very honest beauty bloggers who aren’t going to bullshit you, she’s a total goodie.)

Dr Gobac’s Biorestore serum. Like the gel used with the CEYA machine, it also contains a botanical that temporarily relaxes your face muscles to smooth out wrinkles.

After my facial, my skin really did look more radiant… more relaxed… It’s the kind of treatment I’d go for in the late avie so I could look my best for a big night out. The only thing I didn’t like is, being an oily-skinned kinda gal, the products used were a bit too rich for me. Or maybe it was just the retinyl palmitate-infused Vitamin A serum; I found it very heavy and almost sticky-feeling. The wrinkle-relaxing Biorestore serum and Day Balance cream (full of collagen-encouraging peptides, hydrators, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory) were actually nice and light. When used all together, however, they didn’t absorb well enough and came off in little grease ‘bolletjies’ whenever I touched my face.

This would’ve been an issue if I’d wanted to apply make-up and go somewhere but, as I planned to spend the rest of the day at home, working in my ‘jim jams’, it didn’t bother me and I was happy to leave everything on so as to get the full benefit. If you’ve got very dry skin, you’re probably not going to have an issue. Still, if I ever have another one, I’ll ask to opt out of the Vitamin A serum.

Want to try a (super relaxing!) Dr. Gobac facial yourself? It’s R395 and can be booked at selected Placecol Skin Care Clinics and Dream Nails beauty salons.

Love, love


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