Nivea Powerfruit shower gels review

Last week NIVEA were kind enough to send me a huge hulking box of their goodies. As a result, I’m now inspired to start one of those ‘end of the world’ bunkers where you can safely store up a bunch of staples off which to survive. After all, the Mayans did say we weren’t going to see 2013. Or at least you won’t. I’m going to be safely tucked away in my Bunker O’ Awesomeness with a lifetime supply of NIVEA body lotion and tinned pilchards plus whatever else I can find in a tin that only expires in another century.

But ja, getting back to NIVEA; I’ve spent the last for days playing around with all their goodies and have some firm favourites which I’ll tell you about over the span of three posts. This is one’s the first and I want to use it to fill you in on their new Powerfruit shower gels:

NIVEA Powerfruit shower gels available in two variants; Refresh with Goji berries and Relax with Acai berries (which are similr to blueberries).

Both shower gels contain antioxidant-rich ‘superfruit’ extracts and a stable derivative of vitamin C. They also make use of something NIVEA call Hydra IQ technology. It’s kind of complicated but in a nutshell, it uses two naturally occurring ingredients to create teensy li’l ‘aquapores’ (tiny little gaaitjies in certain cell membranes) to help improve the flow of moisture in your skin.

Clever formula aside, I like both gels’ fresh berry scent. It’s very subtle though and to be honest, I can’t really distinguish all that big of a difference between the two of them. What I love, however, is that they feel fabulous on your bod thanks to a non-sticky glycerine-like texture that lathers up enough to make you feel ‘clean’ but not as much as other shower gels so you don’t feel as though you’re drying out your skin; perfect for winter.

Want to try NIVEA’s Powerfruits shower gels yourself? They’re on shelves as I type going for R24,99 a pop.

Love, love


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