New Dove Invisible Dry deodorant review

So the darlings at Dove sent me a pretty awesome press pack last week; it included a gorgeous little black dress!

Kudos to whoever picked it out ‘cos it’s especially nice. I’m looking forward to wearing it this summer.

Wondering what a LBD has to do with Dove? They’ve they’ve just launched a new line of deodorants and antiperspirants; Dove Invisible Dry anti white marks. It promises to provide ‘48 hours of protection without leaving any white marks or powdery residue on your skin or clothes’.

Dove Invisible Dry anti white marks roll-on and aerosol deodorants.

To put it to trial, I decided to use my little black rokkie as my ‘test monkey’. Thus, I hung it up, held the aerosol about five centimetres away and let rip with a nice, hard ‘psssssssst’. This is how I came to (temporarily) ruin my new dress:


Okay. So clearly it’s not the kind of deo you can spray directly onto your clothes at close range. But then again, most people aren’t going to be doing that, right? So I then tried a less hard guns approach, holding the nozzle about twenty centimetres away, spraying only a few light spritzes as you would if applying deodorant normally. The result?

No black marks! Not even a subtle one! Voila!

I then embarked on test number two. This involved applying the aersosol AND roll-on to a different underarm each. After ten seconds or so, I proceeded to rub each armpit with a chunk of LBD (‘cos I’m totally sexy like that…) I totally expected the dress to be a total mess and what do you know, it was perfectly spotless!

Nice one Dove!

In regards to the deodorant’s actually deodorizing/sweat-control efficacy; I only tested the roll-on as I’m not big into aerosols. I found it didn’t work as hard as my Sanex Dermoactive 36hour deo (I took both of them for a little run with me) but ag wat; I now know what I’m going to reach for on the days I don’t want to hit the gym but do want to wear dark colours (which, if I’m honest, has been pretty much every day this winter…)

Scent-wise, it’s got an soft ever so slightly powdery smell that’s nothing like that of Dove’s infamous soap. I’m grateful for that because I’m probably the only girl in the world who really doesn’t like it. This particular scent, however, is pretty innocuous and isn’t going to compete with your perfume.

Want to give it a try yourself? Dove’s Invisible Dry line is on the shelves as we ‘speak’; the roll-on is R15,99 and the aerosol is R23,99.

Love, love


5 thoughts on “New Dove Invisible Dry deodorant review

  1. Well aren’t you a lucky gal, you get such awesome gifts grrrrrrr.

    Anyways I have found that Garnier Mineral Intense Fresh (or some name like that) roll on deodorant does not leave any white streaks at all, and it isn’t advertised as invisible etc but it is, and smells awesome!

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