Skin Logic Foot Peel booties review

So I finally got around to testing Skin Logic’s foot peel booties:

In a nut shell, it’s a clear non-sticky serum made up of AHA’s (lactic and glycolic acid specifically), a couple of hydrating ingredients (urea, glycerine etc) and 15 plant extracts; things like sage, lavender and olive leaf. When you open up the sachet, two bootie-shaped plastic baggie-type things slide out and each is filled with the serum. You’re to stick each foot in the bootie and relax for between one and a half to two hours with them.

I slapped on my booties on a cold miserable morning when I had a body rocking champers headache from another launch the night before.

Just when Casper had given up on finding a sole mate…

They’re not so ‘full’ that you can’t get away with not tying them around your ankles so I simply slithered back into bed with them. Then, because I’m, like, beyond glamorous, I proceeded to lie there in a painkiller induced haze, drooling into my pillow, occasionally scrolling through twitter, while my booties worked their magic. (For the record, you don’t feel anything. No burning, tingling, sizzling, whatever…)

After one and a half hours (‘cos there’s only so long you can channel saddo-plastic-bootie-wearing-dronk) I pulled them off. The package says you’re supposed to wash off the serum ‘throughly’ but because I like to walk on the wild side in regards to my foot sloughing, I just gave each foot a lazy lick with a wet wipe. My feet didn’t feel or look any different nor were they prune-y from hanging out in the booties. I kind of just carried on with my day afterwards and that was that.

In regards to actual peeling, Skin Logic says your feet will start to flake within a week. By day two when nothing had happened I was overcome by a feeling of serious smugness. Clearly my li’l tootsies were so well cared for that there simply wasn’t any old dead skin to remove. (Head toss, hair flick…) Then, a day or two later, the peeling began! Like serious peeling! I suddenly had all these soft little skin flakes hanging off the bottom and sides of my feet like teensy little cornflakes. Sooo disgusting, but sooo fabulously satisfying and no, I’m sooo not posting a pic. My poor boyfriend was, like, utterly repulsed, especially so as I’d lie in bed at night and rub my nasty feet against his legs while making scary hissing snake noises. It was like a totally cool zombie version of footsie footsie but he just didn’t appreciate it…

Anyway, I honestly have no idea if the skin that peeled off was especially ‘dead’ or ‘old’ or if it simply peeled off the top layer of my skin regardless. Either way, I thought the whole experience was pretty cool (‘cos I’m kind of messed up that way) and will probably do it again. Just not in summer. (You have no IDEA how grateful I was that my feet stopped peeling in time for a Croc’s shoe launch. Like nooo idea…)

Wanna be super gross yet totally awesome with me? Look out for Skin Logica’s foot peel booties in Clicks, Dis-Chem, Edgars and Red Square stores. One pair of booties will set you back R80.

Love, love


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3 thoughts on “Skin Logic Foot Peel booties review

  1. Hi Leigh, Have you tried the Milky Foot one (I’m sure you have) I left that on for an hour and that was serious peeling in chunks (eeek!) not little flakes , it was a bit scary though. How often can you do the Skin Logic foot peel and did it make a big difference to your feet?

    1. I haven’t tried Milky Foot, can you believe it? But having had so much fun with the Skin Logic one, I reckon I’ll deffo give it a bash; anything that involves peeling, picking, purging is like a disgusting secret pleasure for me. ;-P In regards to the difference, I gotta say, once the peeling stopped my feet looked pretty much exactly like they did before. I tend to keep my feet in pretty good nick ‘cos I keep a pumice foot file next to my bath. X x x

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