Maria Lopez for Bronx launch at Delos Antiques in Woodstock; muy glamorosa!

Lo que pasa chicas? Puedo decir que este pegado al traductor de google?

I’ve always wanted to go to Spain. My dad spent a bit of time over there back in the 70’s and says it’s totally awesome and he’d love to go back (even though the cops in some teensy pequena ciudad tried to lock him up in jail along with a bunch of his hippie friends. Apparently there was a law against looking too much like Jesus…)

Anyway, Maria Lopez is one of Spain’s big deal shoe designers. In the past, she collaborated with brands like ALDO, Zara and Nine West but her most recent collection is the one she’s created especially for Bronx. To celebrate, Press Room PR threw a li’l launch party at Delos Antiques in Woodstock.

As far as venue’s go, Delos Antiques was a pretty magnificent choice. Think crystal chandeliers, Grecian-style statues, antique-style mirrors…

Muy buen…

…even more muy buen!

The best bit, however, was a veritable champagne fountain!

Ay freakin’ carumba!

In regards to the collection, it’s dripping with unmistakable Spanish ‘flava’ in that it’s all about vibrant colours, sexy black lace and embellishment, embellishment, embellishment. Check it out:

‘Faith’ pointy toe short heel pumps.

Angel pointy toe embellished pumps.

Still, as I’m rather unadventurous when it comes to my shoesies, these were my personal favourites..

‘Georgia’ peep toe slingbacks. The black one’s would look great with a LBD…

Pewter ‘Betty’ wedges. You like?

After eating a bucket load of cake pops, my sugar rush saw me grabbing a bunch of shoes from the stands and moving them to this stage-type thing. I remember seeing one of the event chica’s faces; she was like ‘Um, seriously, chick? What are you doing…’, but I had to do it as I had this killer group shot in mind. Thank God it totally worked out:

And that’s a Vanity Fair cover right there bietse!

If my lense hadn’t been so smeared with cake pop icing, you could probably make out that it’s darling Chu (who’s now fashion director at YOU/Huisgenoot, so proud of him re his exciting move!), Jasna from fashion blog Fashion Jazz, Good Hope FM’s Ayanda Tini, moi, Leo from fashion blog Spaghetti Problems, Allison from lifestyle blog Skinny Bitches in the Making, eTV’s Tanya Nefdt and Clouds from fashion blog AndLollipops. (In a nut shell, the media peeps who don’t say no when it comes to that third glassie of champagne…)

Shoe-wise, did you spot anything you like? If so, you’ll be glad to know the Maria Lopez for Bronx collection will be in store as of September and every pair is going for less than R500! To find your nearest Bronx stockist or to order online, pop on over here.

Love, love


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