Josephine’s Cookhouse restaurant in Newlands; the pizza’s killer good!

Last week Clouds, she of And Lollipops, and I attended the launch of a new Southern suburbs restaurant, Josephine’s Cookhouse, in Boundary Road in Newlands, just next to SAB Breweries.

Josephine’s Cookhouse

It’s actually in the historic Josephine’s Mill building but has gotten a little make-over to give it a warm, cosy, casual feel, making it the type of place you’d like to relax on a rainy Sunday.

While Josie’s is the little sister of French cuisine-inspired hot spot Societi Bistro in town, it’s menu is all about good Italian eating. They’ve only been open for a few days and already they’re getting a rep for having seriously good pizza; the best in the Southern Subs, in fact! I got to try their anchovy and olive pizza (R85) and was very very impressed.

Skinny leg jeans be damned, this is my new favourite thing.

I’m now dying to round up a group of friends so we can visit en masse on a cold winter’s eve. The interior’s super cosy and you can sit near a roaring fireplace with a big glass of red before diving into a plate of carbs that are actually worth the kilojoules; what more could a girl want?

Cosy, cosy…

Anyhoo, speaking of vino; get a load of their gorgeous little cellar:
 The restaurant’s PR chica Hailey says you can rent it out for functions or a romantic private dinner. Just bear in mind that it’s a little cooler than the rest of the restaurant as it has to keep all their vino in good nick. It also holds a few select bottles of ridiculously expensive French champers”

Bottoms up, bitches! (Just don’t you DARE drop it!)

Otherwise, getting back to the food… (and boy was there a lot of it… the dishes just kept on coming…) I was most impressed with their super-crispy garlic flat bread (R18!), creamy-tasting just-salty-enough parsnip risotto with brown butter and parmesan (R72), tender rib eye with basil and garlic butter (R110) and, the piece de resistance, the hazelnut gelati in a  sugar cone (R32 for two scoops). The gelati’s so good, actually, that I’d drive all the way there just for that alone; if Fererro Rocher made ice cream, it would taste EXACTLY like that.

Thanks Josie’s! You’ll definitely be seeing me again. And again… and again… and (‘Oh look there’s that cheerful girl the size of a Wendy house!’) again…

Love, love


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