Lil’ Brow Wow: Empro Triangle brow pencil review

So let’s talk brows… Being blonde mine are rather light. I should totally dye them a little bit but I’m just too scared. The past two therapist who’ve tried somehow managed to turn them a hectique shade of black, causing my boyfriend to refer to me as ‘li’l Mexican muchacho’. Fun times.

As a result, I rely on eye pencils to darken them up and fill in the little hole in the brow on right. I have no clue why it’s there but I have been able to grow the hair back using Priori’s Lash Recovery serum. It totally works, but once you stop using it the hole comes back after a while. Meh. But ja, getting back to pencils… the nicest I’ve used in a while is deffo this dude:

Empro’s award-winning Triangular brow pencil, R109.

It’s living in my make-up bag as we ‘speak’ and here’s why: the pencil isn’t too soft so it doesn’t grab onto your skin and end up looking too dark.
The shade ‘Blonde’ is perfect for my cool blonde brows in that it doesn’t look khaki-toned or grey like other blonde pencils I’ve tried. I also like that it’s shaped like a triangle so, depending on how you use it, you can get very thick or thin strokes.


Better yet, it doesn’t require sharpening and has a little brush on the end so you can ‘arrange’ your brows beforehand and then again after using the pencil to slightly ‘blur’ anything you’ve drawn which’ll make it look more natural.

If you want one yourself, you’ll find them at Dream Nails beauty salons across the country going for R109 a pop. Shade-wise, you can pick from Natural Grey, Blonde, Golden Brown, Natural Brown and Brown.

Love, love


P.S. When I have time I’ll update this post with a piccie of my brows without brow pencil and then with it. I’ve just seen that the shot I snapped this morning turned out blurry. Oops!

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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

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