OptiPhi Shimmer Shield SPF 15 review

Back in the day I used to secretly idolise my Aunt Ethne’, my mom’s most glamorous friend, who thought nothing of rocking up for a Wimpy burger in a fur gilette and sequin hot pants. All the cosmetics she pulled out of her bag where either Guerlain, YLS or Dior which where always nice and heavy thanks to their opulent gold packaging. I also liked that despite being ever so poised, she was never afraid to zex things up a bit be it with six-inch stillettos or Stikini’s on the beach (hey, it was the 80’s!)… 


Award-winning local brand optiPhi have a hot little limited edition in their Shimmer Shield SPF15 (R300). Essentially, it’s a spray-on sun tanning/protection oil that’s enriched with mega moisturising jojoba. The best bit, however, is that it’s chocoblock of copper coloured shimmering pigments. Just LOOK at how pretty it is:

Oooh... well hello there...

The moment I pulled it out the package my first thought was ‘God, Aunt Eth would’ve sooo have had this on her bathroom shelf…’ I could just picture it sitting there next to her Jean Paul Gaultier perfume bottles, tempting me to give it a sneaky spritz while hoping to goodness she wouldn’t notice that I’d been digging through her things…

What I like about this glitzy little gem is that the sparkles aren’t really perceptible on your skin. Sure, it give you a little glimmer, but you hardly look as though you’ve been playing with the body glitter fairies. It also doesn’t have a smell so it won’t interfere with your perfume and leaves your skin feeling like you’ve given it a slick of Bio-Oil as opposed to anything greasy or tacky. I’ve even been using it on my legs and arms at night to give the a little sheen when I hit up events.

Next time you’re in a salon that stocks optiPhi make a point of checking it out. You could also snap it up as a freebie thanks to this current special:

Thanks optiPhi, this is definitely the most indulgent way to beat the summer sun…

Love, love


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One thought on “OptiPhi Shimmer Shield SPF 15 review

  1. The OphtiPhi “Set the Canvas” is one of the best products I have ever used. Also love the “Shimmer Shield”.

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