is the shizz

You gotta love

For those of you who don’t know, Strawberrynet is a massive online beauty store stocking a zillion brands at reduced prices. Not everything is cheaper than what you’d pay in SA (their MAC goodies, for example, are pricier), but A LOT of their shizz is much cheaper than what you’d pay here, especially when they have a special, so it’s worth checking it out before you swipe your card.

To give you an idea…

The best bit? They ship everything to SA for FREE except for perfumes, but then you only pay 10% of the cost of the perfume.

Anyway, I’ve been using them for almost ten years now, but lost interest a little while ago when they stopped you from having the option of choosing ‘non-registered’ shipping in regard to fragrances. (You can still pick ‘non-registered’ for other items) Picking non-registered meant there was no way of tracking it down if it went astray BUT it would slide past the tax man and you wouldn’t have to pay any steep ‘luxury taxes’.

Fortunately, Strawberrynet are now offering to reimburse you for any taxes! (Yes, you heard that right…) I put it to the test the other day by buying some Stila Sun Gel:

I paid R90 for TWO of these as they were unboxed. (Now I see you can only get one for that price, but that's still a crazy good price.)

These amazing little bronzing gels provide an instant, sheer, natural-looking bronze tint that washes off with soap and water. I apply it over my regular moisturiser and it blend with a sponge just as you would foundation and BAM, I’m a tropical bronzed goddess, regardless of the season…

Anyhoo, my Stila goodies took about ten days to arrive but got held up at that big ass post office next to GrandWest Casino. Driving out there to pick them up and having to pay R60 in tax wasn’t fun, but hey, I got what I wanted at a price that can’t be beat… That evening, I popped onto Strawberrynet’s website, filled in an online form regarding how much I’d paid (this took me all of two minutes, if even) and then e-mailed them a scan of my ‘tax reciept’. (If you don’t have a scanner, don’t stress; you can fax it to them too.)

The very next day a nice Strawberrynet staffer emailed me to let me know she was so sorry for any inconvenience and said she’d be re-imbursing the amount to my credit card within the next two weeks. Ta da! How easy way that?

Next time you’re looking for a little beauty spoilage, pop on over to Strawberrynet. I’m now itching to snap up one of their CLEAN fragrance hampers:

Five of CLEAN's most popular mini fragrances (including Fresh Laundry and Warm Cotton) for just R375. Can you say BARGAIN?

Love, love


UPDATE: Within 48 hours of mailing my shizz to Strawberrynet, they refunded my tax money into my PayPal account. Nice…

5 thoughts on “ is the shizz

  1. I was a huge fan of Ascot Direct until you shared this little gem with me.
    Lady, I am in awe of your prowess as a ‘diva-on-a-shoestring-budget’.


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