This has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING…

but I WANT these Sylvanian Families meerkats SOOO BAD!

Oh. My. God. Is your heart not just, like, BLEEDING from all the cuteness?!

Back in the day, my sister had a zillion ‘Forrest Family’/Sylvanian Family characters and I only ever owned the frog set. I never really minded though ‘cos I’ve always had an affinity for froggies and remember EXACTLY what was going through my head the day I picked them out… I was with a group of friends who were all oohing and ahhing over all the other much cuter, furrier li’l creatures (think bunnies, rabbits and the like) and NOBODY was digging the froggies. And, ‘cos I’ve always been a bit of a weirdo, I got really, really worried ‘cos I used to think toys had ‘secret feelings’. (Yes, really… when I said ‘wierdo’ I meant it…) I got so worked up thinking that the poor little froggle babas might not find someone to really want them… to give them lots of love… that I immediately HAD to have them, if only to ensure they didn’t end up neglected, scared and alone. Poor li’l things…

So ja. I had the frogs. And I LOVED the shizz out of them. But now I REALLY want these bloody meerkats too… simply ‘cos they’re sooo frikken kiff! So tell me, should I indulge my inner seven year old or should I wait a few days until I’m not so… er… ‘hormonal’? 

Anyway, I’m gonna stop rambling now… it’s been a long, long day…

Nighty night girls!


X x x

5 thoughts on “This has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING…

  1. Om my garsh Leigh! I used to lurve Forest Family – even had a little wooden house for them with wooden furniture. I say – buy em! It’s always good to surround yourself with precious memories to remind you of the simple things in life!

    P.S also thought my toys had feelings – had to sleep with all of my teddies in my bed in fear that one might feel rejected

    1. Me too!!! Hehehe… ja, I think I might snap ’em up later in the year if I get another office job. They can be my little desk buddies…

  2. OMG I also had Forest Friends! Can’t even remember what species mine were (bears?). Thanks for that little blast from the past 😀

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