New Blistex Lip Brilliance lip balm review

Let me start by saying I love Blistex DCT. LOVE it! If they ever stop making it I’ll be completely and utterly lost. 

A few years ago I struggled to find this baby locally so I freaked out and bought, like, six on eBay...

The reason why I’m such a fan is because it contains a nice fat dose of AHA that act as a chemical exfoliant so you never have to deal with dry, flaky lips ever again. Seriously. If I’ve got so much as a hint of ‘lip flake’ I’ll slather it on and watch it ‘sizzle’ away within hours. I’ve also used it on my face at night when I’ve have to sort out a patch of skin that’s been traumatised by an uber-drying acne treatment like Oxy10. It’s also great to smear around your nose when you’ve got a cold and have been ravaging the shizz out of it with tissues…

Anyway, I’m getting carried away… today I want to chat to you about Blistex’s new lip balm, Lip Brilliance.

Blistex Lip Brilliance, R65 at a pharmacy near you.

While I don’t adore this boy as much as I do DCT, if you’re looking for a ‘regular’ lip balm, this is a very good bet. It’s got a lot more going for it than its competitors in that it contains shea butter and real silk extracts to soften as well as skin-plumping hyaluronic acid to help give your lips a little ‘bump’ in the plumping stakes. It also contains antioxidants like grapeseed oil and vitamin E and boasts an SPF of 15.

I like that it's in a stick format as opposed to a pot; it makes it super-easy to apply.

Scent-wise, it’s got a faint strawberry smell that reminds me of a toy I used to play with as a kid, but can’t put my finger on. Shade-wise, it looks pearly pink in the tube and promises to add ‘sheer colour and shimmer’, but to be perfectly honest, it’s not hitting the mark in regards to being a tint. Check it out:

Can you see it on my hand? Almost...

In a way, Lip Brilliance’s subtlety adds to its benefits; your boyfriend could totes get away with wearing it as it’s pearlesence/’shimmer’ translates to a mere sheen on the lips. (I was given two of them and my boyfriend, upon figuring out it was ‘unisex’ immediately nicked one and tossed it into his golf bag. He’s given it a two thumbs up…) Also, if you’re still in school, you can slick it on all day and not have to worry about getting into shizz for wearing ‘make-up’. (Back in the day, I had teachers gaaning aan about that for pretty much the whole of Standard 6. Eventually, once they realised that neither I nor my lip gloss was going to budge, they all kinda just gave up and let it slide, chalking it up to my ‘quirky’ personality. Looking back, this is probably why I was also allowed to hand in all my work as ‘Leigh Clooney, Queen of the Zebras’…)

Anyway, getting back to Blistex… if you’ve got ‘lip balm’ on your shopping list, want to spring for a good one and aren’t interested in dramatically changing the colour of your lips, Lip Brilliance is your best bet.

Love, love


4 thoughts on “New Blistex Lip Brilliance lip balm review

  1. Wow, you read my mind! Was just going to tweet about how kak most lipbalms are and i need one that isnt going to smoosh half way through. Gonna get it thanks! (Was it a little doll that smelt like strawberries, I had one too haha!)

  2. I am not at all happy with my purchase of lip brilliance because of it’s sickly sweet taste. it’s nauseatingly sweet. I can’t use it and feel i have wasted my money

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