Radox nature’s SPA herbal body and handwash review

I’ve always liked Radox products and often pop their Herbal Smoothie Natural Balance foam bath into my basket at Clicks ‘cos its beige-y packaging matches my bathroom. I also like its soft, soothing scent; yoghurt, honey and almond; yum! Thus, I was thrilled to have been sent a beautifully packaged box of the brands’ new Nature Spa goodies:

Thanks Veronica! X x x

The range was inspired by ‘the calming essence of nature’ and makes use of Radox’s classic blend of 13 different herbs and minerals as well as naturally derived extracts known for their therepeutic benefits.

From L to R: natuRevive with lemongrass, natuRestore with chamomile and natuRest with Juniper.

Of the three shower gels, my favourite was the pink one; natuRest with Juniper to tone and soothe. It’s got a sweet, zesty scent that reminds me a bit of Snapple’s Pink Lemonade. I also like how just one squirt into my sponge lathers up into a fabulously creamy froth that cleanses my bod from top to toe. I’ve also been pouring it under the tap; it’s got enough foaming agents in it to make for a decent-enough bubble bath too.

NaturRevive, the lemongrass & bamboo variant, was my least favourite. It’s fragrance made me think of all the lemon-y scented household cleaners sitting under my skink. It also claims to ‘exfoliate’ as it contains lots of teensy li’l ‘scrubbies’, but as they’re in such poor concentration, they can’t buff your bod in any way that’s noticeable. Still, one man’s trash is another’s treasure ‘cos my boyfriend reckons I’m ‘full of kak’ and that ‘Revive’ is the best of the bunch with a scent that’s ‘fresh’ and ‘invigorating’…

As for the handwash, chamomile-enriched natuRestore is sitting on the side of my bathroom sink as I type. Its got a verrrry subtle Sprite-like scent (I know… I know… what’s up with all the cooldrink comparisons) and despite giving my hands a nice cleanse, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry.

Radox natuRestore hand wash; my bathroom appreciates its complimentary beige-ness.

Keep an eye out for Radox nature’s SPA goodies – they’re on the shelves as we speak for a v. wallet-friendly R24,99 a pop – and let me know which variant you like best. And feel free to tell me if you think I’m a horrible bitch for comparing dear old natuRevive to Vim…

Love, love


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4 thoughts on “Radox nature’s SPA herbal body and handwash review

    1. I’m so excited to try these out. Been using Radox for years. Their muscle soak is amazing. Used to be a waitress and its the best for tired heavy legs.

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