Please help me find a home for Bruno

Meet my new friend Bruno:

What's happenin' y'all?

Yesterday I ran into two tikked out street kids outside Harley’s Liquors. They were selling a super-tiny rottweiler puppy not older than 5 or 6 weeks called Bruno. They’d tied a pair of iPod ear phones around his neck to create a makeshift lead and he was so tired and ‘out of it’ that his little head kept lolling to the side, causing them to tug on the cord to maak hom reg

Could you have left him in that situation?

I ended up buying him for R100, knowing full well it’s a stupid thing to do. When they handed him over he was so dirty that he looked grey and was shaking like a leaf. By the time I pulled into my drive way, he’d gone limp in my lap and I burst into tears, convinced he’d suddenly died. Thankfully, he was merely completely and utterly buggered and barely protested when I gave him a quick bath using my Giovanni 3-in-1 organic shampoo. He then passed out under my blow drier.

Recovering after his first bath.

When he woke up, darling Lucy had arrived with Pronutro and we mixed it up with a bit of milk for him to eat. The moment we set the plate on the floor it was like a switch was flicked and this trembly, lethargic, sad little boo immediately sprung to life and wolfed down the food in a flash. From that moment on, he’s been like a completely different animal; think super-playful and full of energy. I can’t even show you any shots of him bounding around ‘cos he simply moves too fast for my flash!

Watching M use the laptop.

After sleeping the whole night through between Mike and I, he got up at around 7AM to bounce around and play. He’s so happy and sweet and good-natured so I don’t think those kids ever hit or abused him aside from the odd ‘collar’-tug, which was clearly inflicted to send my bleeding heart into overdrive… 

Sunday afternoon nap.

Today Bruno’s spent much of his time swinging between having bursts of energy where all he wants to do is jump around and play and taking up to one hour-long naps. In fact, when I started this post, he was bouncing around on the bed with one of Mike’s socks in his mouth, trying to get me to play tug of war. Now he’s out cold, pressed up against my leg having one of those cute li’l doggy dreams where his legs jiggle about ‘cos he’s running in his sleep.

He looks a bit Alsation when his ears are up, don't you think?

Anyway, as much as I’ve fallen for this little boy, I can’t keep him as I live in a gardenless flat. I merely bought him with the intention of finding him a good home so, if you or anyone you know would like to adopt him, please drop me a mail on It’ll come through to my BlackBerry and I have it on me pretty much all the time, so I’ll call you back. Also, if you could forward the link to this post to your friends so they can help perpetuate the message, I’d be most grateful.

Thanks guys!

Love, love



Hey guys!

Just a quickie to let you know I think I’ve found a mommy for Bruno! Will be 100% sure tomorrow, but if for whatever reason that doesn’t happen, I’ll get in touch with others who’ve offered to adopt him. Thank you SO much for all your retweets and help, I feel completely overwhelmed by a twitter tidalwave of support and am grateful for all you’ve done to help get this li’l baba into a loving home.

X x x

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10 thoughts on “Please help me find a home for Bruno

  1. Aaaagh shame man! I would probably do the same thing. I can’t stand seeing things like that. He is adorable. I really hope you find him a good home. 🙂

    1. I bought him a fancy science diet-y puppy food in a can for R13 at the vet shop in Gardens and then spotted beefy chunks in gravy in a sachet for R3 at Pick ‘n Pay. Ashamedly I tasted the teensiest scrap of both of them (cringe, cringe, cringe – just wanted to see what I was giving my baby) and the el cheapo food was waaay better. That science diet kak is like uber-bland spam. Bligh…

  2. I did the same thing outside nandos in long street. Mine was so small vet didn’t know if she was A going to make it and B a daschund or doberman. She’d obviously been around tick heads a while and had to go through withdrawl.
    She made it and 2 years later is the most loving amazing dog ever, though the tik affects have left her skittish and night blind.

    You’ve done a great thing for this lil hound.

    1. Ag soet man! Ja, my folks have a rescue dog back home in PE (my sis found her on the side of the road in a ditch crying and tugging at her dead mom!) and she’s grown up to be the raddest dog ever. So friendly and playful and active and fab. I don’t even know what breed she is she’s so mixed. A white spotted terrier type thing? But ja, when the time comes for me to get and keep my own little boos I want to make sure I get them from some kind of doggie shelter. And my boyf always goes on about how he wants to ensure we get the ugliest, saddest, most ‘no chancer’ snoek in the pound. Bless. ;-P

  3. omg the poor puppy, those stupid kids must have made it walk all day and puppies need to sleep alot, I hope they overdose and die, f*cking scum, really hope it happens.

    You’re awesome!!! that dog is so lucky you came along. Unfortunately those kids will keep doing the same thing as they can make some money that way.

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