My Lieschen Botes beauty story in Huisgenoot

The other day I interviewed Lieschen Botes regarding her can’t-live-without-them cosmetics for Huisgenoot and YOU and I see the piece has finally made it to the shelves.

Forgive the blurry shot, I nabbed it off Lieschen's twitter stream.

If I see it when I’m out and about I’ll make a point of buying it and scan in a decent snap, but I’m really quite terrible with remembering to buy my work and not all magazine’s send you a copy or remember to hit you up with a PDF. Currently, I’ve got over 150 mags with my stories in them festering away in my spare bedroom’s cupboard. This is because, inexplicably, I never wake up feeling like ‘today’s the day I’m going spend ten million hours scanning them in to my desktop’. Also, ‘cos I write between 8 and 10 stories for different mags each month (in August it was fourteen!), I often forget about them when the finally end up on the shelves a good three or four months later. Irk…

Anyway, if you don’t want to squint to see what’s sitting on Lieschen’s bathroom shelf, go pick up a copy of the mag – it’s on the shelf as I type.

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