is the shizz

Being a lazy cow, its taken me this long to finally get around to making business cards for my bloggetjie

A pack of 100 MiniCards from

Check ’em out:

'Leigh van den Berg - rampant beauty blogger and all round kiff chick'. Clearly I was having a bit of a 'day'...

I got my cards from, an online printing company, thanks to a tip off from my friend Dax. Creating the cards was all too easy; I simply selected a design, filled in my copy and hit print. Postage was a mere R27 (they took about two weeks to arrive) and the cards themselves were only 10.12 pounds (plus minus R121).

If you’re looking to make your own cards, I can’t reccomend these guys enough – my experience with them was absolutely brill.

X x x

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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

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