Marie Claire and Liezel van der Westhuizen hit up 3Talk (but this post is mostly about awesome shoes)

Last week the girls from Marie Claire and Liezel van der Westhuizen appeared on 3Talk to chat about this summer’s fashion and make-up trends. This was filmed in front of a live audience at the Table Bay Hotel.

I chatted to Noelene a bit before the show and found out that her number one summer make-up must-have is bright lippie in either fucshia or coral. (Nice one Noelene – both those shades are totally hot right now…)

LOVE her candy-coloured belts. So mooi...

Her other summer obsession? This guy:

Urban Decay All Nighter long lasting make-up setting spray

It’s kinda like MAC Fix + in that you spritz it on your face after applying your make-up and it ensures your look sits vas. Alas, you can’t get Urban Decay in SA anymore. (They used to sell it in Edgars, like way back in the 90’s. I loved their fabulously high-pigmented eye shadow that used to be packaged in tiny metal pots that looked like big city manhole covers). Still, it’s not too hard to get if you know your way around eBay. That’s how I get hold of half the imported make-up I own.

I also chatted to Liezel who, despite rocking flats, still towered over me.

Jack Russell and Giraffe...

Liezel’s cute sandals are from Accessorize:

Fab, right? They're still in store, so if you hurry you can snap up a pair yourself.

Liezel told Noelene that the sandals she was wearing, along with running shoes, are the only flatties she owns. She’s crazy about heels and tends to live in them, despite the fact that the Espresso producers sometimes ask her to wear flats so as not to tower over the show’s guests. 

Forgive the kakness of this pic, my camera tends to get fuzzy when I zoom in from far away.

Next up where the chicas from MarieClaire: 

Maria Claire ed Aspasia, Liezel, beauty ed Zanele and fashion ed Leila.

How gorgeous are Aspasia’s shoes?

They're Mui Mui darling... all the way from San Fran...

According to the MC girls, right now, colour blocking is big, big news. For those of you who don’t speak ‘fashion’ (hi dad!) all this means is wearing bold, bright shades that would usually compete for attention. See how easy Katy Perry makes it look in her ghd ad:

What've I been up to? Oh you know... just hanging around... colour blocking...

Ironically, Noelene asked the girls to explain the trend, but was sommer wearing it without even knowing. Check out her suede colour block pumps with vicious steel heels. Sjoe!

See girls, THESE are the kind of shoes you use to stab your ex when you want to make a seriyas statement while still being bang on trend.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to catch the end of the show as I had to head back to the office, but not before PR Queen Jill Grogor stuffed a Givenchy Ange ou Demon EDT and La Brasiliana shampoo and conditioner set into my hands. (Dankie Jill! Looking forward to giving these a bash and writing up my thoughts.)

Love, love


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