Good Housekeeping magazine SA hits the shelves

Good Housekeeping magazine has finally hit the shelves and you can get your mitts on the very first issue for just R24,95.

Her polka dot shoes are infinitely cute, but I'd like to see her attempt to vacuum in them...
I gave it a quick read during my lunch break yesterday and most enjoyed the cover story on Heidi Klum. I think it’s awesome that she’s popped out FOUR kids but still looks ridiculously shaggable. It gives me hope for my not so far away fourties. I also loved spotting my friend Leanne Feris(wheel) who brightens up page 67 with a vox prop on a few of her favourite things. I actually flicked passed it a few times ‘cos I mistook her for a model.

Looking good chica!

Product-wise, I’m now in lust with this gorgeous pale blue Le Creuset set…

Visit the 'Win' section of their website and enter to nab the whole set! Or not. Less competition for me...
It totally won’t go with the blondewood, black and rooi colour-scheme I have going in my kitchen, but my soul, like, totally needs them. They’ve got that Mediterrenean/beach house vibe that makes me wish I had a porch to hold sangria-soaked outdoor dinner parties on hot summer nights.

I also really enjoyed the GH 101 Wonders section; it featured a whole bunch of ‘clever buys’ to help save you time and effort around the house. Check these out: 

Silicone pot mittens, R45 each at @home. Come on, who doesn't want a T Rex in the kitchen?

I’m also totally feeling this ruby-esque egg timer, R24,99, Pick n’ Pay:

Is is sad that I'm now old enough to consider this a totally rocking stocking stuffer?
You simply pop it in the pot and somehow it tells you when your eggs are done just the way you like them. As I like mine slightly runny on the inside, (perfect for dipping toast fingers!) I always take them out too early and end up in icky runsville.

So ja, if you like pretty things and have an interest in running your home like a mooi-looking well-oiled machine (as do I), I reckon you’ll dig Good Housekeeping. Reckon Woman & Home now have some serious competition…

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