Pond’s Age Miracle Dual Eye-Therapie cream review

Pond’s’ has really upped their game with a new anti-aging line called Age Miracle. Some of the products in the line-up are quite impressive while others are a bit so so. An example of the latter would be the Dual Eye-Therapie cream, R129,99.

Pond’s Age Miracle Dual Eye-therapie cream

Packaging-wise it looks great and makes use of a divided ying-yang-style jar to house two different eye cream; a pink collagen eye cream and white brightening eye cream.

White eye brightener on top, pink collagen cream on the bottom.

Both creams make use of lots of silicone so they have the most amazing silky texture on your skin. In fact, it reminds me a lot of Estee Lauder Idealist in that its able to fill in and reflect the light away from fine lines and pores. I also like how the white brightening eye cream really does brighten. It’s loaded with zillions of tiny optical diffuser that actually do manage to lighten and brighten the perma-blue rings that reside beneath my peepers. The downside though is that both of these effects are temporary – once you wash off it off, you’re back to where you started.

Still, it does make use of other active ingredients, namely collagen, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and chamomile extract. The CLA is found in both creams and can help promote cell renewal and stimulate skin cell repair. I supposed this is what they’re relying on to ‘reduce lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet’ on a more permanent basis. Also, the brightening under eye cream makes use of the chamomile extract – aside from being soothing and helpful in regards to puffiness, it’s also a decent antioxidant with smoothing and cell repairing properties. 

As for the collagen bit… a lot of people don’t realise that collagen is a tricky beast. As is, it can’t penetrate your skin and needs to be broken down in a very special/fancy/expensive way to get inside your gesig. Even though Pond’s has done this in using hydrolized collagen, its still not able to attach itself to your own collagen and help improve skin elasticity. On the upside, it’s not entirely useless – collagen makes for a good hydrator as its able to help hold moisture within your skin. Still, they’d have been better off using a proven wrinkle-buster like retinol.

One last plus point? Both creams use zinc oxide, a natural sun screen. The box, however, doesn’t list the SPF but I’ve seen what appears to be the same product with a different name (Dual Eye-Therapie UV) and that claims to have an SPF of 8.

Love, love

P.S. Am I the only beauty blogger who independently researches product ingredients as opposed to just take its press release at face value? Or worse yet, cut and paste it?!

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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

12 thoughts on “Pond’s Age Miracle Dual Eye-Therapie cream review

    1. Sooo with you on that! Thing is most ingredients have been throughly tested – it’s just that you have to make sure that the product’s claims can be backed up by the ingredients they’ve used. And then there’s the concentration issue. I.e. legally you can say ‘contains nourishing avocado extract…’ but if its listed as the last ingredients on the jar, there’s no way that its been used in an amount that can nourish or moisturise at all.

      1. I’ve read a blog by a local “hair and makeup artist” who blatantly copied and pasted a write up from another website and unashamedly copies and pastes the press releases sans research or personal input!

  1. Leigh, I do think you’re one of the few beauty bloggers who actually does her research and has original content. There are too many so-called “beauty experts” or “beauty bloggers” who copy and paste – do they realise that doing so reflects badly on serious bloggers who actually do their homework (like you)? What I’d really like to know is what the beauty houses who send these bloggers products think of the plagiarised posts? I personally can’t take these bloggers seriously and I DON’T value their opinion. In my opinion, the priority in this instance lies with getting as many “goodie bags” or “freebies” as possible. A beauty editor/ blogger’s duty should be to EDIT products to determine which products do as they say, live up to claims and actually work, and to share their knowledge and expertise with readers. You would think the job title says it all, right?

  2. Hi Leigh

    I bought Ponds Age Miracle after your first Blog about it. I send out a monthly newsletter called BizzieMoms and this month I intend on writing about my personal experience with it. I must say that I didn’t use the eye cream, only the Day and Night cream plus the serum. I have pigmentation on certain parts of my face and although using the product for 2 months, I have only really noticed a slight lightening of the pigmentation. On the positive side, my skin is very sensitive and I certainly haven’t had issues with breakouts or allergies. I’ve also noticed that my skin no longer feels so dehydrated which is great.

    By the way, I know that you manage to get a lot of free samples, but have you had a look at http://www.rubybox.co.za?


    Lisl Whytock

    1. Hi Lisl! Ja, I must say, I haven’t used any of the Ponds Age Miracle moisturisers (their day lotion with SPF15 is to heavy for my oily combo skin), but their serum sounds promising as it contains retinol. You can read something I wrote about it for Beauty South Africa over here: http://www.beautysouthafrica.com/news/ponds-age-miracle

      Yip, I’m a big fan of Ruby Box. Reckon it’s defintitely the best ‘sample box’ available right now. 😉

      X x x

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