Valora’s Burlesque Martini is my new favourite drink!

Have you girls heard about Valora? It’s one of Cape Town’s zexiest new hot spots and just so happens to be co-owned by le boyf of my fabulous spray-tan biets, Lisa T.

Check it out:

Table for two, asseblief!

Lisa and I popped in the other night for dinner and I was tres impressed by how reasonable the prices are, especially considering how luxurious and creative the dishes are. To give you an idea, you can order a brunch or light meal for as little as R45 (a spinach, egg and tomato foccaccia topped with truffle cream, nogal) or split an evil-sounding chocolate baklava, R40, with your bestie.

To start, we decided to share a Two Tone soup, R50. It’s one of the restaurant’s key dishes and just the kind of thing that’s going to get peeps coming back for more. Just look at it:

This baby was totally worth the treadmill...

The one half is a delicious beef-flavour that’s topped with a sprinkle of powdered biltong while the otherside is a dreamy chilli-infused truffle cream garnished with two lemon and thyme prawns. Sjoe!

I also enjoyed the Gorgonzola and fresh Namibian dessert truffle risotto, R110, and am dying to go back and get jiggy with the Gastronomical Turkish spiced fillet, R125. It’s rolled with tomato concasse, camembert, rocket and red pesto, served on a herbed polenta cake and drizzled with Madagascan green peppercorn sauce! (As one of the owners, Mike Mouneimme, is Lebanese, the menu’s got a bit of a Mediterrenean feel…)

For me, however, the piece de resistance, was Valora’s signature cocktail, the Burlesque Martini, R60.

Cheers bietse!

Just listen to how ridiculously good it sounds:  ‘pink pigeon premium vanilla infused rum and passion fruit liquer shaken with caramel syrup and passion fruit puree, fine strained and topped with bubbly’.

Good God!

They serve it with a tiny shot glass of champers, so you can alternate between sips of sweet creamy passionfruit and crisp, sparkling champagne… This is, without a doubt, my new favourite drink and, as Valora is located a mere two steps away from my office, things could get a li’l messy for me in the near future…

Thanks Lisa - we gotta knock back another Burlesque Martini (or three) some time soon.

Want to experience the Burlesque Martini for yourself? Pop into Valora. They’re shop no. 70 situated on the corner of Loop and Hope Street and open Monday to Saturday.

Love, love


X x x

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