I want candy! (but mostly Toffifee…)

As many of you know, I’m going through an issue that I can’t legally talk about just yet  a bit of a ‘thing’ at the moment and haven’t felt my sunshiny best. Thus, I decided to revel in an entire week of miz, drinking excessive amounts of ‘comfort booze’ and crying to Crowded House songs in my car… Still, as bleakness isn’t my natural disposition, I decided to let my unhappiness culimate at a tequila-soaked dinner with good mates, after which I’d shirk off my blues and just sommer get on with it.

Also, things were looking up; another HUGE jar of Wings Group goodies had been delivered to my office and I’d been clever enough to hide it. This time, I wanted to share it with good friends, which is why I decided to lug it along to Fat Cactus in Park Road. Or, more accurately, make my darling boyfriend carry it:

My snoek is a 6 foot 2" basketball player who kills people with his eyes. See how he's struggling under the awesome weight of the jar?

Once there, it came in handy ‘cos we were able to use some of its contents to bribe Bobby, our awesome waiter, to give us a better table.

Oh Bobby, please take the pain away... preferably with a big ass jug o' margarita mix...

Yesiree, it sure felt good to share my spoils with good friends…

Can you tell that Clouds is mere seconds away from getting 'crazy eyes' once more?

…until I poured it out on the table and everyone went freaken psycho on me:

Come now Giatjie... good girls share!

Fortunately, everyone seemed to have their own ‘favourite’ favourite.

My snoekling likes Bahlsen Messino Minis, tiny dark chocolate-covered 'sponge cakes' with a zesty orange filling. They taste AMAZING with coffee...

KP, however, is all about Hula Hoops:

They're baked rather than fried, so they're a healthier way to get your snack on.

As for me, you know I’m a freak for Toffifee:


Something about Toffifee’s chocolate-caramel-hazelnut-nougaty goodness just drive me crazy…Perhaps a little too crazy… in fact, in much the same way that you can’t give a gremlin food after midnight (or get them wet!), you can’t give me Toffifee and tequila. It’s like a super potent recipe for madness and before you know it, I rip off my clothes Hulk-style and enter a blissful state of mentalism I like to refer to as ‘Toffifee Cray-zee’.

Check it out:

Oh look! And here's my obligatory slutty pose! (This was mostly for the benefit of my fellow patrons once I realised I'd gotten the attention of half the restaurant...)

Eventually, Gia, who’s a bit of a grown-up, managed to talk me down from the height of my dizzy, sugar/booze-induced frenzy and I collapsed (merrily) into a golden pile of Werther’s Original Toffees (the creamiest, most caramel-flavoured toffee you’ll ever taste!)

Do you think this is what Mariah Carey does for fun? Roll around in a heap o' candy and booze?

So ja, my big night out was a serious goodie. I mean, does it get better than good friends, copious amounts of margarita mix and Toffifee? I dunno so much…

Thank you Dr. Reuther – for all your sweet, sugary treats and general loveliness, your fabulous sweetie jar couldn’t have arrived at a better time and went a long way to helping me snap out of a funk.

And as for all you fellow dinners at Fat Cactus, I appreciate applaus, but that sooo wasn’t a free show. Next time you spot me, I expect you to buy me a tequila!

Love, love


X x x

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