Indigo brands introduces me to Rimmel Colour Show Off lippie

Today I hit up the Indigo brands media day at the One & Only Hotel. Was pretty awesome ‘cos the champers was flowing and they’d set up this big room full of different stalls to represent each brand so you could walk around it to go ‘shopping’. And by that I mean fill up your handsak with a trilion million samples of all their goodies… Think mini perfumes from peeps like Guess, Beckham and Beyonce as well as make-up and skincare items from brands like Yardley, Rimmel and Lentheric.

Anyway, ‘cos I’m super classy, I loaded up on free shizz like a coked up squirrel hellbent on stockpiling for the winter and came home with a burgeoning sack o’ loot. It was pretty much the Mike’s Kitchen incident* all over again…

But ja… of all the beauty goodies I nabbed today, the item I’m most appreciating is Rimmel Colour Show Off lipstick, R85.

You won't miss it in store; its the lippie in the shiny hot pink tube. Lekker bont...

The colour I picked, Shocking Pink, sooo doesn’t suit me, but the uber-creamy formula is awesome. Love how it goes on super-smooth, feels incredibly hydrating and has a pretty rosey scent a la Chanel. Will definitely keep an eye out for it next time I’m in Clicks to see if I can find a shade that really works for me. If you’re a lippie wearer, go take a look; it’s definitely one of the more impressive ‘cheapies’ I’ve tried.

Love, love


*When my sis and I were little, my folks took us to a Mike’s Kitchen in Umhlanga. Upon leaving, you could help yourself to a lollipop from a huuuge basket. As my folks were ahead of us and there wasn’t a waiter nearby to oversee the sweeties, Mandy and I decided to take advantage. It was only when we were almost back at the hotel that our parents realised it was a leeetle too quiet in the back and discovered what we’d done. Between the two of us, we’d stuffed approximately NINETY lollies into every blerrie pocket in our horrid, matching ‘lumo’ parachute material anoraks… Naturally my folks were horrified, but Mands and I are still shamefully proud of our ‘big score’ to this day…

P.S. And don’t you be judging my zexy outwear, bitches… it was the eighties, mkay… and we were from PE!

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