Body-botanix renew 20 anti-wrinkle active patch review

Yesterday, I was sent an interesting little product to test; a Body-botanix renew 20 anti-wrinkle active patch. (How’s that for a mouthful?) Essentially, it’s a set of tiny, stick on eye patches that you’re to pop beneath your peepers so as to ‘look younger in twenty minutes’.

A set of two Renew 20 eye patches. Will it help me say buh-bye to Botox?

As the pouch itself doesn’t offer much more than that, I visited the site for more info, but could only find this:

A revolutionary new skincare product that provides dramatic results in the reduction of the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.  The product is a topical cosmetic active eye patch using patented patch technology driven by a micro-electrical current. Visible results after only 20 minutes. The patch also enhances the affect of any eye cream by allowing for better penetration of the actives making the eye cream up to 70% more effective. Immediate results are visible and 30 minutes after application of eye cream the results are even more dramatic’.

Hmmm… not much there to be honest. I mean sure, it uses an electrical current, but HOW? And if you don’t use it to amp up your own eye cream, just what kinda ingredients does the patch itself contain? Soothing ingredients? Deeply hydrating ingredients? Nothing at all?!

To find out more, I got googling and discovered that there are two different ways to experience micro-electrical pulses on your face without having to get jiggy with a bunch of electrodes; the first is via a paper thin battery like the one Estee Lauder’s Perfectionist Power Correcting patches use.

I'm not actually sure if they make these babies anymore...

(FYI, another option is to make use of  ‘bio-electricity’ by combining two particular creams. One contains powdered copper and zinc (battery ingredients101…) and the other is water-based. When the two meet, this activates a mild electrical charge in the top layers of the skin which helps boost collagen formation. So far, RoC and Neutrogena are the only brands I’m aware of that offer this kinda ‘tech’.)

Anyway, as Renew 20 is a ‘patch’ as opposed to a set of lotions and potions, I’m going to assume it works the way Estee’s Power Patches do; by using a super thin battery. In regards to testing it, I used just one so I could compare the results.

Is that a super thin battery in there? Looks like it...

 I was tempted to try it in combination with an eye cream, but didn’t want to skew the results of my comparison; after all, if the difference was hugely vast, I’d end up wondering just how much fabulosity I owed to the eye cream as opposed to the patch or vice versa. (Can you tell I wanted to be a scientist when I was little? Even had my own chemistry set and microscope… )

Upon application, I could feel the patch ‘tingling’ on my skin, but this stopped after a minute or two. Once twenty were up, I removed  it and discovered the skin beneath it looked a little rosier and had a bit more of a glow when compared to my other eye. Also, it had a few less micro fine lines than the other. When I arrived a launch a few minutes later, I asked two of my fellow beauty editors if they could notice any difference between my two eyes. After close inspection, both correctly spotted the eye that had been ‘zapped’ and said it looked a little ‘fresher’ and slightly more ‘awake’, but only by a very small margin. I took pics, but really, the difference is so slight that you can’t really spot them in the shots. You’d have to look at me yourself to spot the difference it made to the very fine, crepey lines beneath my eye – the kind that Botox can’t fix.

Non-zapped eye
Non-zapped eye

Zapped eye.

In all, Renew 20 is definitely something I’d recommend to anyone who’s looking for a quick eye area pick-me-up. It’s the kind of thing I’d want to have on hand to use after a long haul flight, before a  big event or use as part of my Hangover Face Rescue Op kit. (The essentials being Clarins Beauty Flash balm, bright pink blush and copious amounts of water…) I wouldn’t use a series of them in a quest to get permanent results, however. This wouldn’t be cost effective because if you wanted to, you could pay much the same amount and go to a salon that makes use of an electronic facial mask and get even better results due to the higher electrical impulses it can emit.

If you want to get your mitts on these guys, you can buy them directly from Body-botanix online for R125. (I’m assuming that’s for a set of two, the site doesn’t specify). You can also take advantage of a special offer on group buying site Wicount. They’re going for R49 a pop, but the special ends on Thursday, so you better move fast!

Love, love


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