brings me closer to Guerlain awesomeness…

Those who know me will attest to my addiction to online shopping. (I’ve been known to cruise eBay for up to three hours, idling snapping up everything from Stila eye shadow to Crest tooth whitening strips…)

This, month, however, I’ve taken things to a whole new level by renting a US postal ‘addie’ from This way, I can now shop up a storm in the states (or anywhere really) and have it sent to my Florida post box; a great way of getting around the millions of awesome sites that either won’t ship to SA or want to charge you ridiculous shipping rates.

To rent the post box, I opted for the $60 a year deal. (Plus minus R420). On top of this, you get charged to ship down your goodies every month, but the rates are very reasonable and they send it via DHL to your door within 5 days. To give you an idea, I had them send me me about 0.5kg of loot and it only cost around R300. I’m not sure if this price included customs or not, but didn’t have to pay any when it arrived as it came to my door, not via le evil post office.

Included in my pakkie was my new favourite foundation, Guerlain Parure powder compact foundation.

Aside from looking beautiful, this baby boasts an SPF of 20 and makes use of 'precious crystal pearls' to give skin an airbrushed, yet sheer finish that lasts all day.

It retails for R845 in South Africa, but I snapped it up on eBay for less than three hundred bucks. (I bought it from someone who’d used it once, realised it was too dark for them and decided to sell it…) Thing is, they were only prepared to ship within the US, so I wouldn’t have this gorgeous goodie if it weren’t for MyUS. Woop, woop!

And for the record, I’m so in love with this compact that, should I not be able to find it on the cheap once more, I’m more than happy to pay full price – it’s totally worth every cent.

Love, love


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