Reasons to grab the August issue of Cosmo

Despite the fact that I’ve been writing for Cosmo for yonks, I still have to buy the mag like everyone else. (If you’ve seen how much stuff they cram into each issue, you’ll understand – theirs no way they could keep track of, let alone mail out to every single person, store, expert, whatever that contributed…)

Anyway, I was v. happy to part with my cash for the August issue as it comes packed with an array of rad freebies. Aside from a voucher for a free Lindt hot choccie at Vida, you also get a sample of Neutrogena’s awesome new Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit face wash plus a slip entitling you to a deluxe 7ml Advanced Night repair and ten day supply of a foundation of your choice from Estee Lauder.

To add to this, if you buy your copy at Woolies, you’ll score either an Elizabeth Arden Ceramide mascara sample or a huuuge 15ml sample of their Eight Hour Cream!

Aunty Cam's got a little something for ya...

As I have that Eight Hour Cream sample sitting next to bed as I type (I got it almost a year ago and apply it to my lips every night before bed and it’s still a quarter full), I opted for the mini mascara.

Oh – and here comes the totally shameless punt, if you turn to page 22 of Cosmo Hitched (the mag’s bridal supplement), you can read my Make it Monumental! story. (Essentially, its a piece on the seven different types of sex married peeps need to have before they die… or at least before the whole ‘don’t be touching me’/seperate bedroom vibe kicks in…) Also, somehow along the way an error creeped in; the Philips Sensual Massager (an inoffensive-looking vibrator that could easily be mistaken for a fancy mouse) got credited to Whet Sensuality Emporium. It’s actually from the peeps at (Hello George! Hey Mike!) If you’re not reading this in an open plan office, go check ’em out. They’ve got loooads of zexy goodies and I’m particularly taken with their cute animal-shaped Screamin O! Bullet vibes, R149,95.

Ag soet man!

You can buy him online and he’ll rock up at your door (discretely) with free condoms and lube. Nice…

Love, love


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2 thoughts on “Reasons to grab the August issue of Cosmo

  1. Oooh so many goodies, I must definitely go buy my copy from Woolies. Hope they not all sold out already! Cosmo has great timing because I just ran out of my 8hr cream. Yay for Cosmo!

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