Kylie in Cape Town

Thanks to my darling friend Omesh, who passed on a pair of extra tickets, my mate Lara and I got to catch Kylie’s ‘Aphrodite’ show at Grand West earlier this week. Gotta admit, I’m not really a crazed Kylie fan, but chica really did put on a regte, egte skouspel. We was also super lucky (luuucky, luuuucky, luuuucky!) ‘cos our tickets said ‘general standing’, but turned out to be ‘Golden Circle’, so we were literally right up in the front. Check it out:

kylie aphrodite
I took this pic with my very own camera. Awesome, right? I'm still waiting for NASPERS to ring me up and buy it off me so they can slap around in the news...

Kylie looked absolutely gorgeous and I still can’t believe she’s forty-freaken-two! Her outfits, which were designed by Dolce & Gabanna, were all tres skimpy, but divine-looking, save for this one:

Ag nee man...

Something about it reminded me of one of my favourite dolletjies, Crystal Barbie, back when I was a lightie…

Crystal Barbie came with a big 'crystal' charm on a ribbon that you could actually wear yourself. I loved it so much that I used to sleep in it 'til my mom hid it away, fearing I'd inadvertently throttle myself in the night.

But getting back to Kylie…

What's up bietse!

Her sets were fab and included lots of references to Greek mythology. Think golden pegasus’ (see above), chariots and lots of super hot model dudes in loin clothes the size of serviettes. (Lara was particularly impressed with the oiled up, muzzle-clad manslaves who got a good whippin’ during the Can’t get you outta my head mash-up…)

On your knees bitches!

As a result of all the semi-nekked men-ness, I’ve never seem so many big, burly gay men (who made up 50% of the audience) totally lose it. Dude’s were screaming their heads off and damn near fell over with excitement when Miss Minogue cranked out the ‘biggies’, tracks like Spinning Around and Get Outta May. (The latter tune was pretty much the theme song for the night; a lot of really rude, pushy shovey types were out and about en masse, including some psycho dronk chick that thought it was funny to do the ‘rape shriek’, several times, during a particularly slow song.

(Seriously peeps… you know like when you wake up and rush to the window in the middle of the night ‘cos you hear the kinda screaming that makes you think someone’s being murdered, only to discover it’s a drunken bergie shrieking her head off for no bloody reason? THIS was the kinda noise this biets was making. She was right behind me and every time someone told her to shut the hell up, she’d just giggle while her eyes rolled around in the back of her head. Classy…)

But ja, aside from that, this was a great worthwhile show.

Again, thanks Omesh – you’re a total darling,

Love, love


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