Petticoat Parlour launch

Last night I popped into the launch party for Petticoat Parlour, a gorgeous new retro-style beauty parlour in Green Point. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, the whole place takes its style inspiration from the 50’s.
Love it!
Because I’m a sucker for a theme, I decided to curl my hair, wear it in a side parting and sport bright red lippie, Rouge Dior in Zinnia Red. Rokkie-wise, I pulled on a semi vintage-y looking dress I’d picked up at YDE prior to my holiday in Thai Thai. (Depressingly, it was a seriyasly tight squeeze… )
Me and Mike, an old friend from my Jupiter Drawing Room days.

Upon entrance, I was delighted to find two of my favourite things…

Champers on ice...


...candy floss! Woop woop!

Now meet Wendy Chait, the owner of the salon…

She's movie star gorgeous AND has free access to a myriad of glamtastic services that range from Dermalogica facials to SUNFX spray tans. It's kinda hard not to hate her just a tad...

She says the salon’s having a fab opening special; if you have any massage or facial to the value of R400, you’ll get a free mini mani. There’s a Father’s Day special going on too; book any massage (also to the value of R400) and get a pedicure for free.

Pro make-up artist Renee de Wit and her pretty Kate Moss-like eyes was there too.

Love her red lippie? It's Chanel Rouge Hydrabase in New York Red.

She did Wendy’s make-up for the night as well as that of all the girls from The Little Black Book, the PR co that threw the bash, so they all looked exceptionally glam. (As it turns out, TLBB owner Marina Nestel is one of few people who, like me, thinks ‘Jirre jissus, you look amazing… have you had cosmetic surgery?’ is one of the Best. Compliments. Ever…)

Anyhoo, another of Renee’s top rooi lippie picks is MAC’s Dubonnet, which she says is like red lippie for dummies ‘cos it suits every skintone.

Renee' pronounces this as Du-bon-nay and I had to admit that I'd been calling it doo-bonnet like a toffolux. Tres embarassing...

Other peeps on the scene included David Donde from coffee co Truth. The brand has a new tagline, he says; ‘Flavour not bitterness. No sugar required’.

Being fellow journo's, David and I once got roped into attending a 'dream realisation' workshop by a women who wore fairy wings and waved a giant wand. Dunno about him, but its a day of my life I'll never get back...

David’s gotta be one of the luckiest okes in CT. As he writes about cars, he doesn’t actually own one. Instead, he runs around in all the carretjies he gets to testdrive for his job. (Just this week alone he’s gotten to fiddle with an Alpha Romeo and new Mini Countryman).

Herschelle Gibbs was also out and about…


…and another old Jupiter mate, Isabella.

She won a zebra-striped curling iron in the lucky draw and I'm sooo jealous!

I also got to meet Susanne Reuther, the owner of Wings Group, the comoany that imports all sorts of yumminess like Bahlsen’s Choco-Liebniz and Hoola Hoops chips.

Oh Susanna... it is because of your existence that my life is so much happier and Toffifee-ful...

She recognised me from my blog as the ‘Toffifee addict’, which I totally can’t deny as I’m utterly besotted with the stuff. In fact, us media peeps all got a pack of Toffifee in our goodie bags and I’m embarrassed to say I ripped it open the moment I sat down in my car. This is what it looked like by the time I pulled into my parking bay at home:

So, the post-Thailand slimdown's going well then...

Other goodie bag goodies?

A gift voucher entitling me to a massage at the salon (woohoo!), various samples of cosmetics stocked by Petticoat (think Davines, Guinot and Dermalogica), Tuckwear undies, a BriteSmile discount voucher attached to a mini Sensodyne toothpaste, Essie toe seperators, and a card that gets you a free coffee at Truth (thanks Dave!).

Thanks Marina and co, I had a great time.

Gabbi is on the left; I love that she's actually wearing a petticoat. 😉

Love, love


x x x

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